Rich Fruit Cake

4 inch round cakes

Rich Fruit Cake

This week I paid a planned visit to Harrogate. As usual I called in at Lakeland and managed to get some small cake tins with their 3 for 2 offer. Plus a whole lot more besides. I wanted to make some Fruit Cakes using these robust little tins and found a Christmas cake recipe that was given to me by the tutor of a cake decoration class I attended earlier this year. It was her mum’s recipe. I’ve adapted it a little.


* 1lb Currants

* 8oz Sultanas

* 4oz Raisins

* 2oz Glacé Cherries

* 2oz Cut Mixed Peel

* 1  1/2 oz Ground Almonds

* 1/4 tsp Orange Rind

* 1/4 tsp Lemon Rind

4 Tblsp Brandy

10 oz Self Raising Flour

Pinch of Salt

1 tsp Mixed Spice

8oz Butter

8 oz Soft Brown Sugar

6 Eggs

1 tbsp Black Treacle

Required Tins

2 x 6 inch round


1 x 6inch Round & 2 x 4 inch round cake tins

Cooking times

6 inch tin = 1 hr 160 c then approx 40 mins at 120 c

4 inch tin = 1 hr 160 c then approx 20 mins at 120c


Place all the ingredients marked with *  in a bowl, pour over the Brandy and mix well. Cover and leave overnight.

My favourite gadget for rubbing in the butter.

Mix flour, salt and spice and rub in the butter.

Mix in all the dried fruit. Then add the black Treacle, eggs, sugar and mix well.

Fully line the baking tins with parchment paper.

Baking Test

At the end of the baking times, insert a skewer into the centre of the cake. If the skewer comes out clean then the cake is done. If the skewer still has mixture left on it, continue cooking at the same temperature and test again every 10 mins until the skewer comes out clean.

While the cake is still warm. Pierce the top of the cake and pour a few tablespoons of brandy over the top.  This can be repeated at regular weekly/monthly intervals.

4 inch round cakes


This cake should be made 3 months before use. When completely cool, wrap in greaseproof paper, and further wrap in foil. Store in a tin to mature.

Happy Christmas!


12 thoughts on “Rich Fruit Cake

  1. Thanks I bought some little cake tins and was looking for a christmas cake recipe, what size eggs? and can you buy small amounts of black treacle as I buy a tin and then don’t use it?

    • Sorry for the delay in my reply. I’ve been our of the UK for a few days. You could do it all in one tin, but you will need to bake it for longer and check that it is baked in the centre of the cake with a skewer at regular intervals. Using fruit juice instead of alcohol is fine, but I would NOT suggest ‘feeding’ it with fruit juice (in the same way you would with Alcohol) after you have baked it.

    • Thanks for your comment Lou. The Temperatures are for a Fan oven. Go 10 deg higher for conventional. But after 3/4 baked, I would start to test with a skewer to see how much more baking time is needed. Then adjust accordingly. If I haven’t already mentioned in the recipe, cover the top of the cake with foil or baking parchment to help prevent over baking on the top of the cake. This is also good when making conventional sponge cakes.

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