Lynn Hill - Sketch by Alex Gilmartin

Lynn Hill – Sketch by Alex Gilmartin


Since opening The Secret Tea Room in my own home in June 2010, every monthly event that I held for the following 2 years were fully booked and in many cases over subscribed. I was inspired by the Underground Supperclub movement at that time and many of my friends who I met along the way continue to hold their own supperclub and afternoon tea events in their own home.

Guests would arrive at my home as strangers and leave as friends. They sat elbow to elbow with people they didn’t know, but soon engaged in conversation over afternoon tea. And they all got to take cake home. It was the perfect social gathering whether you came alone or with a friend.

Home made Afternoon Tea, what more could you ask for.

At the same time I was also juggling with the Clandestine Cake Club, which I created in the same year (December 2010) and although TSTR was a great success, CCC began to take over my life, and no matter how good I was at multitasking, with a heavy heart I held the last of my afternoon teas in the summer of 2012. I wanted to concentrate more on building CCC and putting together the Clandestine Cake Club Cook Book which will be published in February 2013.

But I longed to return to by blog. So with a new year approaching – 2013 and a new tagline, I am now Cooking and Baking my way through retirement.

I hope you will join me. I have some new cookery books, lots of new baking friends, some new ideas and lots of imagination. Let’s see where this new road takes me.

Note: I’m leaving all the past comments, they are a reminder of the lovely people I’ve come into contact with along the way.

May 2014: A member of the Guild of Food Writers.


20 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m just working up the nerve to start my own supper club but I’ve never even considered a secret tea room. What a great idea. I used to be a pastry chef but now have 2 kids. Any tips to share. How do you charge people for this service? A cover charge per head or based on what they eat?
    D x

  2. what a lovely idea of having an open house for afternoon tea! It’s my favourite type of entertaining as I love baking. I saw on your post when you had Nigella’s choc cake you also had in the background some little tarts, what are they?

  3. Hello,

    Just to say that I originally wanted to review some afternoon tea sites and found that like many bloggers – time travels far too fast. Got distracted very nicely by your blog.
    Love the York write up (travelling with china!). Have put a reference to your blog on the afternoon tea page on mine. Would love to visit. Very inspiring.
    Best wishes from Pauline

  4. Dear All,
    I have been running my own tea room and supper club at home for the last 2 years or so but did not realize that there were so many others out there with the same great ideas until hearing Woman’s Hour yesterday. I live in the heart of the Peak District and send an email round to friends a week or two in advance of the cafe and people turn up any time from 11am to 5pm, some even come twice so they can chat to different people, they pay a flat charge and help themselves. I usually try to do at least five different sorts of cake and have a good selection of vintage tea cups and funky mugs. Several small tea and coffee pots are good so you can keep it fresh. If the weather is good we spill out in to the garden or snuggle round the wood burning stove if it is cool. It has always been very relaxed and great sociable fun.
    I would recommend others to “just go for it” too.
    Bake and Enjoy, Anna

  5. Good evening.i have recently heard of your aftetnoon teas.Myself and my sister would like further details.Kind regards..Mrs C Cockerill

  6. Ilive in Belper and would love to hear if ther is a branch local to me, and my asistance dog, and husband possibly…but not necessarily in that order. Please do get back to me.

  7. Hey Lynn!
    I landed on your blog when I was looking for scone recipes! Lovely blog and the secret tea room is such a great idea! I have been thinking of having an actual weekend kitchen at my home for brunch every weekend, where strangers can come have a home cooked brunch and leave as friends..but it has remained a dream since the last one year or so..
    Maybe someday I will also “Just do it!” 🙂


  8. Hi There, I live in the North East of England and have for a good while been thinking about doing a Coffee/tea morning (at first) in my home, been in the planning stages. Was searching the net for advice and saw you! Do you have any advice? Do I need public liability insurance or will our house ins do?? Ive just heard of the Clandestine cake club too, will probably join the Gateshead one I guess its the nearest, may open one later though, sounds a great thing. June Brown, Rowlands Gill, Tyne and Wear

  9. Hi Lynn

    I live in outskirts of Kent not a particularly ‘pretty’ area 2 bedroom terrace house would people still come for afternoon tea or are they looking for a great location?


  10. I just happened on this and am wondering if it is still in operation, as I am thinking of doing something along these lines. I love tea and scones and would like to get a little side business going. Thanks for any help offered.

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