Kerrygold Ballymaloe LitFest 2015

Ballymaloe group late 1990's

Ballymaloe group late 1990’s

I am finally making a return trip to Ballymaloe Ireland after nearly 20 years. The home of the internationally renowned Ballymaloe Cookery School and Ballymaloe House and restaurant.

Every picture tells a story, and my initial experience of meeting Darina Allen and attending some of her classes was back in the late 90’s on a group trip arranged by a well known supermarket magazine.

I loved the experience, it introduced me to Soda Bread making, something I still do on occasions, to accompany home made soup on a cold day. I ate the best locally caught Wild Salmon at the Ballymaloe Restaurant and as a group we were introduced to Mirtle Allen, founder of the cookery school and restaurant.

A tour of Cork market with Darina, we discovered quality Irish food and wonderful Irish cheeses, some of which I took home with me. We stayed in the cookery school student rooms which were ideal and comfortable, and had a tour of the farm and gardens, pictures of with I have hanging on my walls.

I vowed to return one day and perhaps attend the 12 week course, but with no money at the time and with young children, it never happened. Now that I am retired, I doubt that I have the stamina or energy to concentrate on a 3 month course and such a long time away from home. With this in mind, and after following all the activities on social media of those who attended previously, I have decided to attend the Kerrygold Ballymaloe Lit festival 15th – 17th May, which started a few years ago.

One of the workshops I am booked in for is Charlotte Pike’s Fermentation class. Something new for me to learn and write about.

I have booked my flights and 2 night stay on the coast nearby, where I hope to bring you daily updates about Irish Food and things of interest as I find them.

If you happen to know anyone in the above picture, taken nearly 20 years ago, do ask them to get in touch. Where am I on the picture? I’m there somewhere.


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