Trip to Glasgow

Once a month blog post, how bad am I?

Last Thursday I was on my way to Glasgow to meet a friend Helen aka Diary of a Cake Maker. Helen is also the organiser of CCC Glasgow and Barcelona and is working part time as a chef and studying patisserie. How does she fit everything in to a 24 hours day I wonder.

After nearly a 4 hours journey and one train change, plus viewing some of the best coastal scenery on the East Coast rail. I met Helen and called in for a lovely coffee at a nearby Artisan Cafe and Bakery, sorry but the name escapes me.

Glasgow Artisan Cafe and Bakery

After calling in to Starbucks to say hello to my nephew, I was told he’s moved places and was in another part of town. Too far for us to make a detour. Sorry Tom, perhaps next time.

Helen and I then travelled on the Metro to the West Side part of town, a lovely area, for lunch at Cail Bruich. My main course was Hake, but the picture turned out fuzzy, but thankfully the meal was not ( fuzzy). In fact the whole 3 course was delicious.

My next blog post, is about filming for the Lorraine Show. I have lots of pictures for you to look at, so instead of adding them among this delicious food, I decided to write one separately.

Bon Appetit!




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