60 is “Twice as Good as Thirty”……

… so say’s the Gent’s birthday card from our daughter Joanne. He was so impressed with this quote that he had to upload it to his Facebook page. I’ve passed the 60 barrier and I do agree with the quote. Get yourself retired if you can and go out and enjoy what is in effect a blank canvas of a new life. Free up the working environment, if you can, for the younger generation, we’ve worked long and hard, it’s time we all had fun.

So to celebrate this wonderful occasion the whole family, 9 of us, sadly Adam, one of our Nephews was too far away in Cornwall to attend, gathered at Oulton Hall Nr Leeds on Sunday for a delicious Afternoon Tea. They allowed me to make a cake and bring it along so we paced ourselves as we ate our way through Fresh Finger Sandwiches, Scones and Tea Loaves with Cheese, little cakes and delights and lashings of tea and coffee. Finishing off with a slice of Red Velvet Cake from the Clandestine Cake Club Cook Book.

Oulton Hall is steeped in History, if you get the chance, drop by for afternoon tea and just a cuppa and a walk around the grounds. It will fill your Downton Abbey fix, if you’re a fan of the series.

Happy Birthday to The Gent. x


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