Tea cups and the Oxford Bake Off

As I write, I am travelling to Oxford, by train, for the Oxford Bake Off. I and a fellow judge will have the pleasure of tasting 31 loaf cakes. I decided to treat myself to a first class ticket, as it’s the weekend it was much cheaper, and even better still on a senior rail card. However, I’m on a 3 and half journey and I doubt I will get a complementary cup of tea, on the plus side I have free WiFi enabling me to write this post. I stand corrected, I’ve just been asked if I want a cup of tea. I feel very happy now, alas it does not appear to be my favourite brew, but it’s a cuppa.

If you read my last post you will no doubt have read about all the many things I want to share with you, but fail to have the time to write them. Hopefully by the time I reach Oxford I will at least have written something.

Daylight is just teetering over the horizon and although it could be a little cloudy it’s warm and I’m looking forward to a fun day ahead.

Last week I received the most beautiful tea cup from Alison Appleton Ceramics as a thank you for some Q&A about me, tea and cake.

Alison Appleton tea cup

It’s now become my favourite cup because of its robustness and high capacity to take on lots of tea in one go. Do you have a favourite cup?

Ooo I’ve just passed nearly 2 doz swans on the canal as the train passes by. They looked beautiful and serene.

I’m on a Cross Country train, travelling an unfamiliar route which should make my journey interesting now that daylight has appeared. I’ll report back on how the judging went.

Tomorrow I’m off to a CCC event in Guiseley Leeds, more cake 😉

Hope you have a great weekend.


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