AgeUk Baking Session

Long time no blog, been rather busy.

I have a million write ups in my head, but never seen to get them down in print.  As I travel on the train, in the car or walking around, I make a mental note of a paragraph or two of what I’m doing with every intention of adding a blog post. In my head there is no spell checker, no rewriting, it just goes straight in there. But when I get home, exhausted after a long journey, I don’t feel like typing.

Take the Cake and Bake show event the other weekend, where I had a stand for CCC. Most of the write up about the event is on the CCC website, take a look here if you are interested, lots of lovely pictures. I tasted all the cakes in the CCC Cake Competition with the lovely Peter Sidwell. I’ve even visited a few Clandestine Cake Club events recently, Bridlington and Nantwich, with every intention of writing about them, but time just seems to move on rather quickly.

EggsYesterday I was invited by AgeUk to hold a baking session at the Richmond Hill Community Centre in Leeds. What a lovely bunch of people. We all made a tea loaf using my recipe, a really easy recipe and one of my favourite cakes to make. The Gent loves it and it’s the one I used to make for the The Secret Tea Room. Each person made their own cake, mixing and sieving. 12 x  900g cakes were made in total between us. However, with not being familiar with someone else’s oven, the whole baking process took 2 hours. A good job I took my oven thermometer as there was a huge difference in temperatures between the top and the bottom of the oven.

In the end, the cakes were cooked, although a little golden on top but nice and moist inside. The cakes were left covered to cool overnight and the bakers would collect them in the morning, some had risen and some not, all down to the temperature of the oven. Anyone reading this, wishing to donate a new oven to this community centre, I’m sure they would appreciate it. It’s a lovely centre where people meet on a regular basis for friendships and fun.

Until the next write up.

Lynn x


4 thoughts on “AgeUk Baking Session

  1. I find it’s always harder to go back to write posts such a long time after things have happened, it’s hard to remember what went on and seems like such a chore! Maybe making notes on the iPad, setting up a draft post, then you can finish it up and add photos online…

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