Baking with Different Sugars

How many different kinds of sugars do you have in your cupboards, or do you just have the one, white caster/granulated sugar. When it comes to baking, have you thought about using some sugars with a different dimension to them. Tate and Lyle sent me a rather nice selection of sugars to use for this project of mine as I venture into the world of interesting sugar flavours and to see how I can mix and match them so that I can turn a cake from good in to very good.

I often use a variety of sugars in my cake making, everything from Light Soft Brown Sugar to the Darker Richer Tones of Dark Muscovado, especially when making a Yorkshire Tea Loaf.

Ever since I was invited to visit the Tate & Lyle Tasting House earlier this year, read about my trip here, I was inspired to think more about the flavours these sugars can bring to our baking and how we can think about mixing and matching those  undertones of nuttiness and richness, mixing them with spices and syrups that bring pleasure not only to what me bake but to what we eat. What I like about Tate & Lyle is that they are supporters of Fairtrade.

So far I have created 3 cakes, using 3 different types of sugars. You will find their recipes under the Recipe tab on the Clandestine Cake Club website. Click each picture to take you there directly.

Cherry & Almond Cake

Cherry and Almond Cake with a Golden Icing topping

My first recipe is a Cherry and Almond Cake with a Golden Icing sugar topping. I immediately decided to use Light Muscovado Sugar “Caribbean Inspired. Light Muscovado sugar has a creamy aromatic flavour. A warm Honey colour and a delightfully moist crumbly texture”. Using some golden Icing sugar that I already had in my cupboard, seemed to complete the flavour combination. I thought it also looked much more inviting than a white iced topping.

Velvet Chocolate Beetroot cake with an Amaretto Ganache

Velvet Chocolate and Beetroot Cake with Amaretto Ganache

A few days later I made this Velvet Chocolate and Beetroot cake using Tate & Lyle ” Mississippi Inspired Full Bodied Velvety Dark Soft Brown sugar”.
Beetroot adds moisture and texture to any cake, while the Dark sugar adds balance with the smooth chocolate and Amaretto flavours.

Glace Ginger & Golden Syrup Cake

Glace ginger and Golden Syrup cake with a Golden Icing sugar topping.

This 3rd cake in my sugar project is a Glace Ginger and Golden Syrup cake using Tate & Lyle “British Inspired Medium Bodied Rich Golden Syrup Sugar”. It just seems natural to combine this sugar with the chopped Glace Ginger and Golden Syrup that I already had in my cupboard and carry on those nice golden taste tones with a golden icing topping flavoured with Golden Syrup and chopped glace cherries. No ground ginger in this, which makes it a nice subtle taste throughout.

I’ll be doing more cake creations using Tate & Lyle sugars as I have some Light Soft Brown and Dark Muscovado sugars still to try.  I’m already thinking about combining these with ingredients from the allotment such as Courgettes and matching these with spices and other aromatic flavours.

Give different sugars a try and let me know how you get on.

  • Recipes: Lynn Hill
  • Sugars: Kindly sent by Tate & Lyle
  • Post was first featured on the Clandestine Cake Club website

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