Madeleine Express

A few months ago, June to be exact, I was invited to attend the official opening and launch of the Madeleine Express owned and run by a very talented baker Sarah Mather over at Noisette Bakehouse. I think by now Sarah will be well embedded with lots of baking and bookings.

Sarah parked the Madeleine Express outside her local community hall where she offered lots and lots of her baking for sale, all money went to a local charity. The Madeleines being baked inside the Madeleine Express were fresh and delicious. I met up with Becs Rivett of Lay the Table and we spent no less than 2 hours catching up on Clandestine Cake Club website designs and future plans for the website. Becs is on constant standby when it comes to dealing with the CCC website. What would I do without her.

It’s been ages since I made Madeleines, I often made them for the Secret Tea Room, must get the Madeleine tray out toot sweet and make some.

This week I received a great variety of sugars from Tate and Lyle, so watch this space for some new recipes.


One thought on “Madeleine Express

  1. Looks lovely… and a wonderful recycling of an iconic H-Van.
    Found your blog on Jean’s “Baking in Franglais” sidebar…
    yesterday, she dropped us off a jar of the jam [on her current posting]

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