An ‘Afternoon of Cake Making’ workshop at York Cocoa House.


Chocolate Cake covered in dark chocolate Ganache drizzled with milk and white chocolate

I find myself travelling down a new road with the Clandestine Cake Club and last Sunday I held my first CCC Cake workshop with Sophie Jewett at her York Cocoa House on 3 Blake Street York, with 9 attendees each with a brief to bring with them a 2 layered cake for them to fill and cover with chocolate ganache.

For the first part of the workshop I talked about cake making with a Q&A. Questions ranged from, do you use salted butter or not, how to line a cake tin, how to tell if a cake is cooked or not and more. We covered a broad spectrum of queries when it came to cake making, I hope everyone went away learning something new.

During the Q&A Sophie began creaming salted butter and sugar together to make a Vanilla Sponge Cake, we wanted to demonstrate that you don’t always need to use a mixer when it comes to cake making, after all, everyone managed to make delicious cakes long before blenders and mixers arrived on the scene. Granted they can make life a lot easier, but it’s nice to be able to have a feel for the cake batter as you gradually mix all the ingredients together. Once mixed, the cake batter was baked in the oven for approx 25 mins.

While the cake was baking, Sophie then began to talk about chocolate and how to make Ganache. Her depth of chocolate knowledge has no bounds and this workshop gives you a taste of just what there is to know about chocolate. Everyone was given a choice of whether to cover and fill their cakes with Milk, White or Dark chocolate ganache. White, proved to be the most popular.

So with double cream scalding on a hot plate and then poured onto chocolate, the real fun and slightly messy bit began. When the ganache reached its correct consistency each took turns in filling and covering cakes, followed by optional smarty decorations and chocolate drizzle, see my creation above, the cakes were complete.

More details about future Afternoon of Cake workshops with Sophie and myself can be found here 


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