Tea-Tastic Day on the Orient Express with Yorkshire Tea


First featured on my website Clandestine Cake Club 

Milk in first – Mify or Tea in First – Tify? That’s the question I am asking you today. I’ll tell you which I am at the end of this write up.

Yorkshire Tea lovers as we are, the Gent and I travelled to London to join hundreds of other Yorkshire Tea fans on the Orient Express. I have to tell you that my original guest is gutted that she couldn’t come. She is an afternoon tea fanatic and would have been cock-a-hoots at being on this magical journey. So rather than search for another guest,  I thought why not let my OH have some of this Tea – tastic ( My favourite word ATM) fun as well. So we caught the 8.15am train from Leeds and headed to London for what was to be a magical journey indeed.

Now I’ve been to London quite a few times over the past few years and believe me, finding your way around the London Underground does take some doing, so I made a mental note to remember that I had my OH with me because I tend to get into the zone of where I need to be and just aim for it. I had the Victoria Line firmly in my sights and we managed it and soon arrived at Victoria Station where our tea journey was to begin.

I had my iPad with me and began taking loads of pictures to share on social media. I wanted to share the journey with all my followers. And yes, CCC is sponsored by Yorkshire Tea during 2013, but I was a Yorkshire Tea drinker long before then, so speak from the heart when I tell you that I love this tea.  It wakes me in the morning, refreshes me during the day and calms me down in the evening. I must get through around 8 – 10 cups in a day, proper cups I mean, on a saucer, with the odd mug of Taylors Coffee around 11am.


We had a delicious afternoon tea with freshly made sandwiches which came to our table when we sat down.


And we got to take these little beauties home, all nicely washed and wrapped in tissue paper.


Jake’s Bar 27-33 Call Lane Leeds served his tea cocktail called The Tea Cup and here is the recipe. I had 3 glasses, if anyone saw me walking through the carriages with Miss Cindy in a staggeringly manner, it was the movement of the train and nothing to do with the alcoholic content nor the glass of Laurent-Perrier Champagne we had earlier. This cocktail was delicious and refreshing.


I loved the way our tables and seats were laid out in our carriage. It allowed everyone to talk to each other and we did.


Two Yorkshire Tea ladies Hannah and Paula joined us and filled us in on Yorkshire Tea gossips and updated us about Little Urn. In fact Paula, seated on the right, is one of Little Urn’s drivers.


It was one of those days that you didn’t want to end, the company we had were wonderful, the brass band played for us as they worked their way through the carriages. Michael Vaughan the ex England Cricket captain sent us off on our tea-tastic journey and Louis Tomlinson of One Direction travelled on the train as well. I have to admit that as I walked through each of the carriages I didn’t recognise him, but then I am 60+ so why would I. But I did pass a very nice young man in one of the carriages and did wonder if it was him. I Googled the name when I got home and discovered that it indeed was him. I hope Louis and his family enjoyed the day relaxing before he and his fellow band members begin another singing tour. I wish them all well.

As I took lots of pictures to share with all my followers on social media I eventually exceeded my internet download allowance and quickly had to top up. This day was all about Yorkshire Tea and if like me you are a drinker already, you will know why I love it. If you are not a tea drinker or never tried a cup or two, then you are missing out on a ‘proper brew’.

Yorkshire Tea can be used in many ways when it comes to baking. Soak some dried fruit overnight in freshly brewed and strained Yorkshire Tea before making a tea loaf the next day. Grinding a few teaspoons of dry leaves in a mortar and pestle gives a much finer grain which can be added directly to fruit cakes and tea loaves for an extra kick of tea flavour or as a substitute for the absence of spices.

Enjoy the pictures, I enjoyed taking them. If you are in any of them and want a copy please email me and I’ll send you one. Lynn@clandestinecakeclub.co.uk

ps I’m a Mify – Milk in First

For more pictures taken on the day, hop over to Clandestine Cake Club website 


2 thoughts on “Tea-Tastic Day on the Orient Express with Yorkshire Tea

  1. It all looks utterly splendid! I hope the napkins were big enough to protect your white trousers. The Orient Express looks so deliciously decadent, I’d love to go on it one day, and taking afternoon tea onboard would be perfect. It was very nice that you got to take a teapot and jug home with you, and I’m with you on the milk question.

    I have a question for you, as a connoisseur of Yorkshire tea: what’s the difference between the ordinary stuff in the red packaging, and the gold boxed stuff? I’ve tried both and I preferred the ‘ordinary’ red packaged tea. I think I was expecting something miraculously different in the gold box, but it didn’t strike me as anything to blow a trumpet about. I do agree with you about Yorkshire tea in general though, a thoroughly downable brew. And jolly nice packaging, to boot.

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