Tate & Lyle Tasting House

A few weeks ago I was invited by Tate & Lyle to visit what became known as the Tasting House. I was curios, so I travelled from Leeds to Soho in London to see what it was all about. Difficult to find unless you had the full address, all very clandestine I thought. Visitors had to ring a bell before being allowed in. Another ‘like’. And as I was greeted at the door I immediately knew I was in for a treat.

Dozens of Macaroons were on a reception table in the hallway. All just waiting to be eaten. I ate one and it was delicious. But I had to pace myself, there were rooms full of more goodies to delight the sweet tooth palette within.

I often use different types of sugars when baking. Granulated, Soft Brown, Demerara Light and Dark Muscovado. I even mix and match them to get a nice toffee flavour in cakes. Using a nice dark sugar is a must when making fruit cakes and tea loaves.

We fill our cupboards with different spices and more recently with different types of flours for bread making, so why not with sugars. For a change why not forgo the white sugars and give the brown sugars a look in. You’ll be pleased with the result, I promise.


First room to visit was the drawing room full of cakes and sugar goodies to eat.


In the drawing room was a table with various sugars to sample each were used to make delicious cakes and biscuits with which we could sample as well.

P1010169 P1010167

Yes, this is a cake vase


Edible cushions on the staircase.


Macaroon strewn banisters





Edible Meringue rug in the bedroom.IMAG0377

Caramel coated popcorn. You had to be there to smell the lovely Toffee Aroma.



More treats in the bedroom, this time using Soft Brown Sugar


Edible cushions in the bedroom. I did a double take when I first saw them.



You may not believe it but these are edible shells made from Gingerbread casings and then sugar coated.


Edible Turtle Cake with Soft Brown Sugar for sand

P1010172 P1010173





Is this the largest rainbow cake ever made?




Easter Island Chocolate Cake.


Cupcakes topped with dried Pineapple slices on a tray of golden granulated sugar.

After my sugar rush off I went for a pot of tea to offset the sugar balance.


6 thoughts on “Tate & Lyle Tasting House

  1. No way! I feel as if I’ve been asleep and dreaming. It’s like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. So much to comment on, from the macaroons up the stairs to the cake vase and beyond, but I’m lost for words……

    • I was literally squealing reading this!!!! OMG Lorna, is this for real???? I’m sure we are both in some sort of sugar-induced psychosis. And if it’s true I never want to wake up. I hope you ate enough for me too!!!

  2. Wow wow wow. A sugar dream come true. It must have seemed like you won the golden ticket. Thanks for sharing

    Sent from my iPhone Please excuse the brevity. Thank you

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