The pleasures of an Afternoon Tea

Gwyn and I

Gwyn and I

When it comes to enjoying an Afternoon Tea out, home made baking is definitely the best.  The Gent and I had just that over in Bowdon Manchester the other week. We were invited by Gwyneth Brock and Jane Ellis both avid bakers and Vintage Afternoon Tea providers, to give a talk about the Clandestine Cake Club, enjoy some delicious home baking and meet some really nice people. The weather was not conducive to travelling over the pennines, but as we reached Saddleworth Moor, the highest point of the M62, the weather turned in our favour and we arrived a little early so found a parking spot and decamped for a coffee at a local cafe.

When we found the church/community hall, we were very pleasantly surprised to find it was a gem of a place, full of charm, where my immediate thoughts were what a wonderful place to enjoy an Afternoon Tea. Virgin cocktails awaited us and after signing a few CCC Cook Books that Gwyn and Jane had ordered for attendees to buy, we soon began to enjoy fresh finger sandwiches, scones and cakes eating them all to a back ground of  1950’s music. Chatting to the people next to me is something I like to do, and I tried my best to speak to as many people as possible, there were well over 30, even after the finishing time had passed, I still didn’t manage to speak to everyone. My apologies.

Gwyn Jane and their band of baking helpers made several cakes from the CCC Cook Book. Including the Finish Mothers Day cake.

Tomorrow, Sunday 17th March, The Gent and I are off to CCC Durham Dales to help them celebrate their first birthday. I love my road trips, thankfully we are going in the car, hate cold train stations, I think they were the cause of my general rundownness over these passed few weeks. Thankfully now back to 99.9% and feeling a darn site better.

P1010142 P1010143 P1010144


Finish Mother’s Day Cake


Crispy Lemon Cake


Elderflower Cordial Cake


Mocha Marble Cake


St Luke’s Church Bowdon Manchester


Simnel Cake

P1010139 P1010136

I miss my Afternoon Teas #JustSaying


2 thoughts on “The pleasures of an Afternoon Tea

  1. Thanks Lynn, I like to think of this event as our first “literary tea” and you were our first author! Only sorry we ran out of books, we’ll know better next time, tea and cookbooks clearly a good combination.

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