Life’s too short – Just do it


This is the beginning of what I hope is a very long list of things I’ll be doing during 2013.

We often have wish lists and buckets list, but what about a ‘just do it’ list. A list where everything is booked and planned, not the sort of list that gets made on the 1st January and then forgotten about the following day. But a list that says, unless fate and bad weather intervenes,  I’m definitely doing it.

Your list doesn’t have to be large or expensive, it can be simple and small ‘do it’s’, e.g. Normally I make the train journey to Leeds on platform 1 at my local station, last week I woke up and decided to go to platform 2 and take a train to Meadowhall to visit the sales. It was a very boring, 1 hour journey, with a stuffy steamy windowed carriage where I couldn’t even look at the scenery, but it was a journey I’d always wanted to make and may do it again in the summer. Normally I would go by car, but the sales were on and heaven only knows what the traffic would have been like had I taken the road route.

Another example is, weather permitting, getting some fresh air and exercise everyday. I’ve sat at my laptop almost 24 hours everyday throughout 2012 with many a sleepless night, while I’ve written the CCC Cook Book and helped build the brand and the curves are beginning to show. I’m not going on any diets or joining a gym, been there and done that without any results, lack of motivation is the problem and for me exercise has to be the by product of something I’m doing, e.g. walking to the shops, getting some fresh air or doing some housework – yes even that can burn off the calories.

So this is my ‘Just do it’ list so far and I’ll be adding to it as time goes by, you will have your own personal list. If I meet you along the way, please tap me on the shoulder and say,hello, I’m just doing it too.  

Life’s too short, just do it.


Betty’s Cookery School. Every year I say I’ll go to one of the classes, only to find that I leave it far too late and they are then fully booked until the following year. This morning, I was on the ball, or rather the phone first thing and managed to get in to a few early classes. 

  • 5th January – Betty’s Cookery School – Sharpen Your Knife Skills Advanced Level.

  • 6th January – Betty’s Cookery School – Passionate about Patisserie – Advanced Level 

  • 9th January – Betty’s Cookery School – Spice Box – I’m on the waiting list for this course

  • 23rd January – Betty’s Cookery School – Yorkshire Bread


  • 13th February – Advanced Bread – Advanced Level 


  • 9th March – Gwyneth Brock of Vintage Afternoon Teas is holding a Caketastic Vintage Afternoon Tea party in Cheshire and she has invited me along to talk about CCC and baking. Tickets are available via We got tickets website here 

  • 17th March – Clandestine Cake Club Durham Dales – Birthday Bonanza event 


2 thoughts on “Life’s too short – Just do it

  1. Good for you getting going already. As for the train journey, I’m with you on that, it’s good to fulfil these long held ambitions and even if they don’t quite meet our expectations it feels good to have achieved them.

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