It’s been a funny old few weeks ………

The Green Room at the Alan Titchmarsh Show

……. funny as in surreal. For those of you who don’t know me, I am also the founder of the Clandestine Cake Club which at the moment, and in the most wonderful way, is taking over my life. This means there is less time for my postings here and in some cases less time for friends I’ve known for years.

I still have the Afternoon Tea parties posted until June – the first one of these is in a few weeks – but after that who knows what might happen. I wonder if people would miss me if I closed it down?

I and a few other CCC organisers were invited to the Alan Titchmarsh show to be aired around 16th March. I’ve never seen so many celebs at any one time, it was truly a wonderful day.

My cake waiting for it's TV appearance with Alan Titchmarsh and Paul Hollywood

Then, read about what happened for The One Show in Leeds. This will be aired on Friday 24th February. All good fun you will agree.

Apple Cake for The One Show

I and lots of other bakers I know are appearing on one of the Eric Lanlard Baking Mad Mini Bake off programs in March – you’ll have to watch it to see  if I win or not.

And with the constant attention from the media,  CCC seems to be growing faster than a sponge cake can rise. Don’t get me wrong, I am not bemoaning this. I’m thoroughly enjoying it and making the most of it while it lasts.  I doubt that anyone will blame me, if it were happing to you I’m sure you would make the most of it as well. I’m realistic enough to know that this  cakey bubble will burst the moment a new trend comes along. When it does, I and a few friends will be there to catch all the tasty crumbs, but in the mean time I’m loving it and I’m doing my very best to make sure that as many people around me join in the media fun as well.

So I shall apologies in advance for what could be a little bit of over exposure of cakey goodness during the next few weeks.

If you are coming to my Afternoon Tea parties during the next few months, it will be great to see you all and I’ll very much look forward to baking some great things for you.

Lynn Hill x


8 thoughts on “It’s been a funny old few weeks ………

  1. Hi Lynn,
    Sounds like a busy, but productive time ahead.
    I wish you all the best and hope you fully enjoy every aspect of it.
    Can’t wait to see the tv shows.

  2. Hey Lynn, this is so exciting and consider the venue for the next Cambridge Clandestine Cake Club found… so excited to be reading and viewing more of your cakey adventures! We can’t wait to have you at the Cambridge meet in March xxx Miss Sue Flay

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