How do you take your tea

This morning I had the good fortune of being invited to the Wes Butters Show for BBC Radio Leeds here is the iplayer recording,listen in from 75 mins.  The original story line was about a lady who has opened up a Russian Tea Room in Skipton Listen to her telephone conversation with Wes from the same link above from 60 mins in.

This got me thinking about how we all drink our tea.  Personally I prefer using a tea pot even when I use tea bags. I never dunk a tea bag in a cup and I always serve leaf tea in tea pots for my guests at The Secret Tea Room

When brewed correctly, using Leaf Tea, about 3 – 4mins, tea can and will taste sublime, but as I mentioned on the program, it is all a matter of personal taste. Plenty of people love builders tea, that I assume is in reference to what my dear father would describe as tea you could stand a spoon in.  For me I like the delicate flavour that only a few minutes brewing will produce.

Then there is the question, do you add milk first or not. This goes back to a time when china was very delicate and milk was poured first into a cup to prevent it shattering. I always add the milk first, because for me it gives an indication of how strong the tea is and if you pour too much tea into a cup there is no room left for milk. Many times I’ve seen my grandfather pour his hot tea into the saucer to cool down, I wonder if anyone still does this.

There are plenty of teas that I like, China Oolongs being some of them, have the most delicate flavour and are worthy of no milk at all. Earl Grey is another, if served with a slice of Lemon is divine and refreshing. These are all my personal preferences. What are yours

  • Milk first or last
  • No milk at all
  • Builders tea
  • Are you a coffee drinker
  • Or do you not drink tea at all

Do tell me I’d like to know. We don’t really have a decent (Leaf) tea room in Leeds, something which I wrote about this time last year.


8 thoughts on “How do you take your tea

  1. My personal preference is breakfast tea in the morning and earl grey in the afternoon. If you are making in mug with tea bag, you have to let the tea bag sit, no squeezing and put the milk in after the tea bag comes out. My favourite brand is Ringtons – delivered to the door! No sugar and skimmed milk!

  2. A fellow Ringtons fan! Good strong tea. Prefer mine in a big mug, not too much milk and only one sugar thanks!
    No coffee for me ta, always have been known as a “tea Jenny” !!

  3. A Kandula Pink Tea, which is a Green Tea, but it’s just beautiful and doesn’t need milk with this. You brew for no longer than 3 minutes and the leaf tea is lovely. Well done Lynn, Love the live tea tasting! xx Miss Sue Flay

  4. My butler normally pours mine 😀

    Nice dream. Normally it’s earl grey re-heated in the microwave (at least once) actually – goes cold while I’m busy doing 10 things at the same time. Everyone despairs.

    Did a tea tasting once when I worked at Claridges and they re-vamped the afternoon tea menu. Must have been 30 types. Took a liking to russian caravan. Some of the white teas too. Had never tried green tea till then. If I ever find any time I must find a proper tea shop again. Brother made chai once after living in Malaysia. Weird – acquired taste.

    Never got into iced tea. But did try a weird tea drink from the oriental shop with jelly cubes in it. Weird – but very refreshing.

    I can only do lemon tea when you can drink outside on a sunny day – fussy huh.

    I was brought up a tea pot person, but then converted to being a dunker when I lived with a friend who was a tea addict – led into bad ways…….

    How do you drink tea – Interesting insights into people.

    Tea also useful for smoking food & making sorbet.

  5. Early morning tea – mug, builder’s, 2 sugars, hot buttered toast, quick fast and in a hurry.

    Afternoon tea – Gien or Wedgewood teapot, loose darjeeling, 1tsp per person and one for the pot, tea strainer, milk first. Petits fours and almond biscuits.

    Bohemian tea – vintage enamel teapot, Yorkshire Tea teabag, milk after. Bohemian Wedding Biscuits (Russian Tea Cookies).

    Occasional coffee – 1/4 teaspoon of Nescafe decaf, hot water, 3/4 spoons of silky smooth Nestle Coffee Mate.

    Tursku Cafu – hot water boiled in a traditional enamel Serbian coffee pot, 1tsp of ground coffee added when its about to boil. Not for the fainthearted. So strong it may put hairs on your chest. OK for guys maybe, but not for a laydee.

    Green Tea – Gunpowder. Looks like mouse droppings but it unfurls pleasingly when hot water arrives.

    Enjoyed your post.

  6. Morning/daytime: builders tea: mug, teabag (pref. fairtrade), mashed for a while (left to brew without stirring), milk after.
    Evenings: rooibos, no milk.
    Weekend afternoons: keemun, not strong splash of milk or lady grey no milk.

  7. I like a nice light tea taken weak and black first thing in the morning, such as Ceylon or Darjeeling, then perhaps a breakfast tea mid-morning taken with milk (and, like you, I prefer to put the milk in first). I try not to drink caffeine after around midday, and I’m quite fond of the decaffeinated teabags from Cafe Direct (I’ve tried other brands but none of them seem to me as flavoursome). I also like Rooibos, with milk, and I take that quite strong (since it has no caffeine and I like the woody taste of it). Other teas I enjoy from time to time include Earl Grey, Lady Grey and Kukicha Japanese roasted twig tea (very interesting flavour, smoky and strangely refreshing). Thanks for your post! 🙂

  8. I take my tea straight. I typically start my day with an herbal “detox” tea, then I begin toxing again with coffee. I’ll drink a green tea, a Twinings Earl Grey, or another herbal tea–or several of the above–throughout the afternoon. I switch to wine around 5:00. 🙂

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