I have the kitchen back and the oven is on.

The decorators have been in this week and today I have my kitchen back. They began by painting the main bedroom upstairs along with the bathroom. But as with any decorating everything has to be moved in order to make the job easier all round. Wardrobes were emptied, all clothes removed, pictures came down from the walls and any odds and sods not used in years thrown way or given to charity. The Gent and I were on what we called Nail Duty. By this I mean going around all the walls taking out any nails and screws left in after all the pictures are taken down. You may be asking why bother, as all the pictures will be going back when it’s all done. Well, we’re taking this as an opportunity to have a complete change around. Each day, we’ve gradually moved from room to room and let the decorators just get on with it.

DIY is neither mine nor the Gents strongest points and at our age even less so is our willingness to climb up ladders to paint ceilings etc and that inevitable heated discussion such as ‘You’ve missed a bit’,  so we’ve left it to the professionals. I say professional because they’ve done work for us before, staircase and landing and a nice job they did too. They came recommended from a neighbour of ours across the road. They were having some extensive work done and I literally went across to them and said would you recommend your decorators and they said ‘Yes’.

At the time of writing this, they (two painters) are in the front room having a well earned break of Friday Fish And Chips. One of them likes his tea and coffee and the other drinks neither, so when they arrive at 8am sharp on goes the kettle. They are of the old school apprentice trained painters and decorators, which is very rare these days, and they’ve booked us in to paint the outside of the house for us.

So all in all we will have a nice shiny Secret Tea Room for our monthly events. We are not in any hurry to put the remaining pictures back on the walls, at the moment it’s nice to have a blank canvas with which to think about what to do.

One of the things that will go back on the wall in the porch, is my lucky black cat

So this afternoon I baked a cake.  With only a slight nod to any New Years healthy resolutions, this one has very little butter in the sponge. I’m waiting for it to cool down so I can fill it with copious amounts of Chocolate Ganache.  The recipe of which I will post very soon, but here is a picture to whet your appetite.

Happy Baking


One thought on “I have the kitchen back and the oven is on.

  1. Must pay you a visit -change is fun

    Would they be willing to do a job in North Leeds? I need my stairs stripped and painted and my hall. email details. My house needs a face lift.email me direct

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