Supper Clubs Oop North

I do hope you are enjoying your Christmas Celebrations. If this includes food, then I’m sure you are having a great time. There is a tendency to over eat at Christmas, but my dear friends, if you can’t over eat at Christmas, then when can you.

A couple of days prior to the festive weekend, a few of my Supper Club friends got together, created a leaflet and decide to spread the word about what we do. So on Friday 23rd December, we set up an info table at Cornucopia Leeds in the Corn Exchange, hoping to talk to anyone who is prepared to listen to us.

Between them  Charlotte put together a power point of our supper clubs and Susie added some music to complete the result.

I arrived looking and feeling like a drowned rat, I’d left South Leeds ( sorry we supper clubs like to keep our exact locations a secret) feeling nice and dry with no sign of rain, but arrived at Leeds station to find the heavens had opened up. With no hat, nor an umbrella I wrapped a scarf around my head and with my collection of bags I set off walking looking more like a baglady rather than a bakelady. But I wasn’t bothered, I made a bee line for the Corn Exchange and anyone who got in my way was not my friend that morning. I dumped my things by the stall and headed for the ladies and literally stuck my head under the hand drier to dry off and turn myself back into the bakelady again.

It was rather an unexpectedly quiet day, but that was due mostly to the torrential rain staying with us all day long.  Even so, we still managed to speak to a few people, many of whom had never heard of a supper club and as they were very kindly prepared to listen to us, we spoke.  We took to the balconies where Charlotte ( Cooking Fairy) and I went into the inner shops within the Corn Exchange, introducing ourselves, leaving leaflets and chatting to the shop owners. Very nice people they are too.

The Corn Exchange is a great iconic building, and many moons ago I used to work there in, at that time, one of the offices, where I’m sure in my distant memory I remember a couple of people actually doing some sort of Corn Exchange dealings on the main floor below.

It wasn’t long before, the drip, drip of water started to come in through roof, so we moved the stall a few feet backwards to avoid it getting into Shirley’s ( Chez Shamwari) laptop.

The next stall to ours was Sunshine Bakery, and next to that was Laynes Espresso . On the other side of us was Really Indian –  the original curry sauce. It’s fatal isn’t it being placed next to great food people, a bit like going to Lakeland, you just have to buy something.

From Laynes I bought some ground coffee.  Sunshine bakery some Belly Pork and Apple Sausage rolls – believe me if you haven’t tried one of these, you really are missing out. Go to their bakery in Chapel Allerton and have yourself one with all the accompanying trimmings for lunch. As for Laynes coffee, for me, there are only a handful of coffees that I really like, and theirs is one of them.  I bought some lovely spicy samosa’s and spring rolls from Really Indian and had these when I got home, the spicyness warmed me through what was a wet chilly day. They also make Original Curry sauces, a tub of which Sharon ( Gursharon Rauth – Managing Director) gave me to try, so watch this space for an up date, and even more so, watch out for a possible Really Indian supper club  in Leeds as we suggested they set up their own, showcasing their products.

A few familiar faces came to say hello and wish us a merry Christmas and all in all it was rather a nice day, but I always look on the bright side, life’s too short not to. Charlotte, Shirley, Susie were great company as it was an opportunity to catch up on the latest supper club gossip so to speak and find out how they are all doing. ‘Doing great’ was the answer from all of them.

Charlotte and I have created a logo to help promote the fact that we are ‘Secret Supper Clubs’  If you are a supper club,  add it to your website and lets get more Supper Clubs ‘oop North’.  We northern foodies know how to cook, bake and eat, so lets put these three things together and have some fun.

My thanks to those who kept me company on the day.

For information about supperclubs UK and Worldwide


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