Book Review – Grandma’s Recipe Treats

This little treat of a book dropped through my letter box a few weeks ago, with a question asking me to bake something from it and give it my thoughts.

The opening chapter says ‘ Grandma is a very special person who sits at the heart of the family’. That may well be true, but thankfully no longer do we  see grandma’s with the quintessential white bonnet sitting in a rocking chair as depicted by some of the Fine Art images in the book. In this modern 21st century world, Grandma’s are hippy ( no pun intended) and fun and in most cases definitely at the heart of the family. I’m no Grandma and I’m in no hurry to be one. But I do remember my paternal Grandma born 1881.

Having said that, this little book has some nice old and modern recipes with hints and tips such as Grandma’s Tip: Plant Food, How to make Caster Sugar and Apple Pie Air Freshener plus a nice little poem by Kate Greenaway entitled ‘Going to see Grandmamma’

There is one page  dedicated to ‘Household Wisdom: ‘Dinner Parties’ and goes on to say that ‘The only danger in being a good host or hostess is getting guests to go home again!’  Something the modern day Supper Club host may have problems with today. Alas, it doesn’t give the answer to that question.

I’ve no idea how old this recipe is but I  made the ‘Jammy Buns. The recipe uses half plain and half wholemeal flour with Demorera Sugar. The resulting texture of which resembles Rock Buns with Jam in a little hole made in the centre before baking.They may not look as good as the picture in the book, but they do taste good.

I do like this little book with 47 pages of simple recipes such as Carrot and Ginger Soup, Italian meatballs in Tomato Sauce, Winter Hotchpot and more. For the baking fans like me there is Raspberry Cobbler, Rich Double – Crust Plum Pie and Gingerbread etc

If you want something with just a few lovely basic recipes in and don’t want to splash out on one of those huge cook books for Christmas. This is a stocking filler if ever I was one.


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