York Cocoa House

Yesterday, I had the good fortune of being at the opening of York Cocoa House.  It’s creator, Sophie Jewett – the Queen of Chocolate and expert who everyone turns to for advise, has now opened this rather unique place that involves chocolate workshops, demonstrations and sales of all things chocolatey.

We waited a few mins outside whilst lots of photographs were being taken of Sophie and Annie Gray. Annie, a food historian, was suitably dressed in period costume holding a 3 tier cake tray of chocolates.  Most of her time was spent posing as though devouring a huge bar of chocolate.  I can only imagine how sore Annie’s jaw must be feeling after 15 mins of solid picture taking.

Once inside we were greeted with a hot toddy of red wine & chocolate drink. Which was very nice and warming on a chilly day. With a few congratulatory words and Good Luck wishes from The Lord Mayor of York the ‘York Cocoa House’ was open and we were able to sample some lovely little canapés of things to come in this wonderful old building in York.

What a perfect time to open this Cocoa House, with the Festive season approaching and the Christmas Market already in full swing in the town centre. It’s the perfect stopping off point for a hot chocolate and stock up with some fantastic chocolates.

York Cocoa House
3 Blake Street

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