Popina book of baking. Tarts and Florentines

I bought this book a while back. ‘Popina Book of baking’. I have to say it’s been an inspiration for a lot of the tarts I’ve made at home. There are 3 types of pastry that  Idisora Popovic uses for her tart cases

  • Shortcrust using Strong flour
  • Pizza dough using Strong flour
  • Spelt pizza dough using wholemeal spelt flour.

I’ve made tarts using the first 2 pastry recipes and this weekend, in practice for my last Afternoon Tea party for this year, I made

  • Red Wine poached pear, Celeriac, Stilton and Walnut Tartlets
  • Butternut squash and Parmesan Tatlets.

The use of strong flour made rolling the pasty easy. There was none of the crumbling so often found in shortcrust pastry when you use plain flour and just egg yolks. This recipe uses the whole egg with a little water. You still need to place the pastry in the fridge before baking, but the tartlet pastry held the filling just as it should.

I loved the combination of Pears – poached in red wine, Cinnamon, All Spice Cloves and Cardamon, with the Stilton and Walnuts

Next time I’ll pre cook, perhaps oven roast, the butternut squash rather than add it grated raw to the tart filling prior to baking.

Another recipe that I did for next week are Popina’s Florentines. ” nutty fruity nibbles dipped in dark chocolate”

For this I literally looked in my cupboard for ingredients and managed to find everything in the recipe apart from the pecans nuts.

When cooled, I dipped them in the  Silverspoon Easy Melt chocolate that I received in the post a few weeks ago.

With my practice over, I’m now set for next Saturday, where I’ll tweak the recipes a little such as less Onion in the Butternut Squash Tarts and poach the pears in more red wine as I only had half the amount needed.

Unless things change, Prima are coming to do a photo shoot at next Saturday’s Afternoon Tea. All my guests have been notified, I hope they’re not camera shy and I’m getting my daughter to give me a hand with serving the teas. I shall try not to hide behind tea pots etc,


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