My Baking Bucket list

A bucket list is something we should all have. If we were to submit plans for a business loan, we’d have to show a business plan, so why don’t we all have a life plan. A list of things to do before we die. Hopefully we will all have lots of tomorrows, but what if tomorrow never came, can you honestly say you’ve done as much as you set out to do in life.

Don’t think you get off likely because you are a young whipper snapper. Age has nothing to do with it. Everyone should have at least a couple of things, serious or otherwise, they would like to do before they pass this mortal coil

My list, off the top of my head are below, not in any order. I was going to add a number rating of the likelihood of me achieving any of them but that’s a bit defeatist and shows signs of giving up before I even start. So hear is my list.

  • Le Manoir Cookery School – Simply because it looks such a wonderful place to spend a couple of days learning cooking and baking to the highest possible standards whilst staying in such wonderful surroundings.
  • Spend the afternoon with Mary Berry and Marguerite Patten enjoying a delicious afternoon Tea talking about the old days of cooking and baking.
  • Travel the world in search of each countries speciality cake and bring back the recipe and turn it into a book.
  • Speaking of Books, yes I’d love to write a baking book.
  • Invite the leaders of the free world to the Secret Tea Room, serve them afternoon Tea and let them get on with putting the world to rights. This is so often done (having ‘putting the world to rights’ conversations) by many women in the kitchen, chatting over the fence that I’m sure they (world problems) can be solved over a few cups of tea and a slice of homemade cakes. Who am I kidding!
  • Have Clandestine Cake Club as an international cake event
  • Have a full to capacity allotment next year. I know that isn’t a baking subject but I wanted to throw that one in.
  • Invite 8 (table only seats eight) of my favourite cake people for afternoon tea. Could one of them be you.
  • Visit as many Underground Supper Clubs and Tea Rooms as possible
  • Finally, to be able to pass on my baking skills to anyone who is prepared to learn them. #Baking classes, now there’s a thought.

So now you have my list,What would you have on your Bucket list?


9 thoughts on “My Baking Bucket list

  1. I’ve always thought these lists were morbid, and I’d like to think I’ve done a lot in life already so if I dropped dead tomorrow I wouldn’t be disappointed (not possible anyway to be disappointed when dead is it?!). BUT I do have a “things I’d like to do this year” list at the back of my diary. Currently unticked off are: visit Lynn’s secret tea room, visit The Secret Teacup, visit The Secluded Tea Party, visit Harrogate’s Turkish Baths and Betty’s for tea, a walking weekend with my friend Claire (I’d settle for a day’s walk) and get the wall plastered outside. I fear all of these will have to drop onto 2012’s list now, we’re running out of 2011 aren’t we. Think I’ll carry on taking it one year at a time…

    • Hi Gwyn. Would love to have you at my Tea Room. I’ve been to The Secret Tea Cup – well worth a trip to the Dales. I’ve met Miss Sue Flay of the Secluded Tea Party, lovely young lady and I’ve visited the Harrogate Turkish Baths – very hot they are too. I’ve been to Betty’s several times and hope I will continue to do so.

  2. Speaking of cookery schools, I have always wanted to do a course at the Ballymaloe cookery school in Ireland, and that’s still on my list.
    *Next I think I would put dining at Tom Kerridge’s ‘Hands and Flowers ‘ restaurant.
    *Acting as a restaurant critic is definitely on my list although I sort of got started on this in my book (I am what I ate) but I’ve been to a few more since then.
    *I’m still thinking over the idea of starting up my own secret supper club, meanwhile I have my name down for one or two to see how others are doing it.
    *Visiting the Clandestine Cake Club was on my list but I eventually got in for November so that’s almost ticked off.
    *Finally I think I’d like to work my way down the length of Italy dining at lots of special places.
    That’ll do to be going on with.

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  4. I’d like to open my own tea room – I think Leeds is crying out for one! I also want to try as many different cusines as possible. I’ve had a very lucky life and been travelling so I went to Japan and tried Kobe beef which I always wanted to do.

  5. Wow – reminds me I did an A1 size version of this at 28 – have to dig it out. You can’t live life without a list!
    Started researching holiday in Japan this week – sure that was on there. Living at the Barbcican in London – that was one too – was into the London culture at that time (miss it), plus if you look at it from an architect’s point of view – the Barbican must have been so futuristic at the time. Haven’t started the cookery school, but I’m working on a plan. Haven’t written a book either – but that’s tied in with the last one.

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