Baking Mad, Silver Spoon and Lianne’s Jam

Product review.

I often use Silver Spoon products. And when Baking Mad were offering to send out some new Silver Spoon baking products to try, I thought, yes, I’ll give them a go.  Days passed and during my hectic Radio Leeds Week, in which I’d been ordering Onion sets and packets of seeds for the allotment. I completely forgot about the Silver Spoon Samples, which must have arrived on the same day as my Onion sets and at the same time the Radio Leeds crew were here doing a live broadcast.  The boxes were quickly despatched, unopened to the green house, until over a week later, I decided to plant the Onion sets in the allotment this weekend. To my surprise and shock I discovered not only a box of  Radar Onion Sets but a box of baking treats to sample from Baking Mad. I quickly dispatched an email apologising for my error at not receiving them, but if you read my post about the hectic week I’d had I’m sure they and you will understand my error.

Fearing the worst for the chocolate treats, the good news is, they were not damaged by the greenhouse heat at all. So today, I made a Victoria Sponge filled with Lavender Jam and Lilac Cream Cheese Frosting, slightly flavoured with the Lavender Jam given to me by Lianne ‘Everything goes with toast‘ at a Clandestine Cake Club event in Cleckheaton.

Lianne’s Jam is nice and sweet, but I like sweet things. With a very nice, but not too heavy flavour of Lavender. I’ve had other Lavender jams before and it really tastes like bath salts and I’ve never touched it since, but Lianne’s jam has restored my faith in eating Lavender again. I bought some of her Rose Jam at  Cornucopia Leeds this weekend and I’ll use that to fill a cake, possibly at my next Afternoon Tea party. Unless I have it on toast for breakfast before then.

Back to my baking. For the cake sponge I used one of the Silver Spoon Vanilla Paste sachets. There were 3 sachets in a box, each sachet contains the equivalent of one Vanilla Pod. I Like Vanilla Paste, it adds flavour without adding too much liquid to the cake batter.

I loved the Giant Snowies that I decorated the Fairy cakes and Cake with. But I was a little disappointed with the colour of the Lilac Colour Creator. It seemed to have a muddy appearance when I kept adding more and more drops to my cream cheese frosting. About 2 teaspoons in total to my 14 oz of cream cheese frosting. On the plus side it was more concentrated than some mainstream liquid colours that you can buy elsewhere, where you need to add what seems like the whole bottle to get any colour at all, but by then the cake batter is far too thin and unbakable. I’ll try the colour again, perhaps I still needed to use more drops, but I’m very cautious about using colouring and it does say on the bottle  ‘Use no more that 1tsp per 250g of icing.

To off set the muddy cream cheese frosting colour, I added the Giant Snowies, they brought some colour back into my cakes

I have still to use the Easy Melt Chocolate, White Chocolate Numbers and Letters (I’ve bought the larger Silver Spoon Chocolate decorations before and love them for decorating cakes) and the Orange Flavour Buttons, which as I write, I’m nibbling on a few to see if they have an Orange Flavour and they do. Must save some for cake baking later.

So all in all, some nice products, yes they were free, but I’m a fan of silver Spoon and happy to try their stuff any day. I’m always buying it.

I often get requests from other companies to test baking samples and products and I often turn them down, especially if I wouldn’t use them anyway. Such as giant sparklers on top of cakes. I don’t know what you think about such products but they are not for my cakes.

Baking Mad


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