BBC Radio Leeds and My National Cake Week journey

My National Cake Week journey

Monday 10th October: I arrived at the BBC Radio Leeds Studios a little early for my 10 min chat (Listen on iplayer from 47 mins) on the mid morning ‘Bake Week’ program about the resurgence of baking, cake clubs and Tea Rooms  I decided to take Wes Butters, the presenter, a Lemon Drizzle Cake which he very kindly shared with his colleagues after the show.

Later that night I took my other Lemon Drizzle Cake to Clandestine Cake Club where we all had a great night and raised £25 in raffle tickets for my just giving page for Marie Curie Cancer Care . Head over to the site to read all about it and see some great Cake Pictures, including one of a spaghetti Bolognese cake. There is always a sugar rush at all of these events, but the quality of cakes makes it worth while.

Tuesday 11th October: Cat Hepple arrived to take some very secret pictures of me hiding behind tea pots and home made cakes etc. I’ll be posting those pictures in the coming weeks. This was a fun shoot and I asked Cat to take a couple of pictures of me and the gent for the album.

Wednesday 12th October: Baked a Beetroot and Chocolate Cake for tomorrows BBC Radio Leeds 3 hour live mid- morning program listen in on iplayer  from my house.  I’d recently bought the new baking book by  The Boy Who Bakes and lent it to a friend. I was in need of a Ganache recipe, so Edd Kimber kindly Tweeted his recipe across to me in 140 letters. How cool was that. The above pictures shows how well the Ganache worked.

Thursday 13th October: 7:15am Wes Butters ( BBC Radio Leeds presenter) arrives 45 mins early for his live Mid Morning ‘Radio Leeds Bake Week’ show from my house.  Fortunately I was dressed, but still had my curlers in and was eating toast. So I offered him a Paddington Bear esk style breakfast of Marmalade on Toast with tea whilst we chatted and waited for the rest of his team to arrive at 8am. By this time I’d removed the curlers!

Just after 10am, and with the show well under way, David from Sunshine Bakery, Zoe of Iron Cupcake Leeds, Helen from Buns and Roses WI and Becs Rivett of Lay the Table arrived with their delicious cakes and cupcakes. I promptly put the kettle on for more tea. Wes chatted to each of them whilst we ate cakes and drank tea. With all the tweeting going on, at one point @mysecrettearoom was #trending in Leeds. More coolness.

Cakes ready to take back with them including Wes’s Vickie Sponge Cake.

On air, I showed Wes how to bake a sponge cake which he and his team took back with them. I take my hat off to the people behind radio programs, they work hard to keep things on track and on time, whilst making interesting programs.

A great time was had by all.

I was shattered at the end of it all as I’d already had a full week of events, but it was great fun and the quickest 3 hours ever. But that’s what happens when you’re enjoying yourself.

Wes managed to keep the location of The Secret Tea Room a Secret, but the sight of the Radio Leeds Van in the driveway may have given the game away, along with cables and microphone leads coming in through windows. I made sure that the engineer outside had plenty of tea to keep him going.

Friday 14th October: More cake baking, this time for my National Cake Week Cake party the following day. 12 guests would be arriving at 2pm, some I’ve met before and some who heard about me from the Radio 4 ‘Woman’s Hour’ broadcast back in May.

Saturday 15th: The penultimate Afternoon Tea of the year at the Secret Tea Room. All 12 guests arrived on time and they soon got stuck into Fresh Finger sandwiches, Lemon Drizzle Cake, Battenburg cake, freshly baked scones with clotted Cream and Jam and my savoury Fettle Cheese tarts and Leek and Bacon tarts. Washed down with lots of fresh leaf tea. A big thank you to all my guests, who were lovely people. Hoping that I’ll meet them again either on the Supper club circuit, Cake Club or another Tea Party next year.

As you can imagine a tiring week, but such fun.


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