Dinner at the Manor

Dining Room Dinner at the Manor

Last night was our second dining club/supper club visit in as many days. The night before we went to Sara @St Johns in York.

I starved myself all day apart from breakfast, because I knew we were in for some good home cooking from Susie and some great wines from Dan. Normally I don’t drink wine, it sends me to sleep and to be honest, there are very few wines that I like.  But on this occasion I wanted at least to have a sip or two of the wines that were going to accompany each course. I wanted to see if wine does really balance out flavours in food, rather than drinking the same wine throughout the meal.

Cava Sporco in the Library

We arrived by taxi and were once again warmly greeted. Our hosts Susie and Dan welcomed us into what was a tardis of a home, with rooms everywhere. We were led upstairs to the library, and I kid you not, it was wall to wall with books and CDs. I could have just sat there all evening with my glass of Cava perusing the book shelves.

Guests arrived with some familiar faces, it’s always nice to see previous Tea Room guests and great to meet some new supperclubers. Our theme menu for this evening was ‘ A Night of Nigella’s Feast’


Canapés consisted of

  • Lishmans award winning sausages wrapped in Pancetta
  • Mini Yorkshire Blue Rarebit served with spicy pear chutney
  • Potato pancakes with Mackenzie’s Smokehouse smoked salmon and Lemon & Horseradish cream

Our starter was Involtini – Aubergine parcels stuffed with cheese, pine nuts, fresh herbs lemon and garlic, baked in a rich tomato sauce. Served with seasonal salad and home baked bread rolls. This was a good start the menu, which I really liked.

Blakean Fish Pie

We had a choice of two main courses:

Heaves Farm Prime British rose veal rump slow roasted with rosemary, white wine and garlic
Blakean Fish Pie with saffron and catch of the day from Leeds Market

They were all served with ‘Nigella’s perfect roast potatoes and Lemony green beans. I chose the fish pie, because I love fish. I loved the underlying flavours of saffron and mace in this pie, really delicious.

Lemon Meringue Cake

We had a choice of desserts:

Lemon Meringue Cake made with Homemade Lemon Curd


Quivering Passion Fruit Jellies.

I chose the quivering Jelly as a lovely, light, refreshing finish to the meal

Each of our courses had accompanying wines and I can begin to see that it can add to the eating experience. For the dessert we had a very nice Dessert wine, the name escapes me, but as I have a sweet tooth, I liked this one and could see it being great with a slice of cake.

Speaking of which, we were then treated to Sticky Pinny’s  ‘Award Winning’ mini Cupcakes, again inspired by Nigella. Lovely moist flavoursome little creatures, well worthy of an award.

Dining Room at The Manor

The atmosphere in the dining room was warm, cosy and very welcoming. With lots of laughter that help to make up a perfect supperclub evening. The discussions on our table, which consisted of a very nice lady from Iceland studying in Leeds, covered many topics from Education, Cake Clubs, Conspiracy Theories and the Oxford Comma.

Towards the end of the evening our hosts joined us for what was their first official Supperclub event. They received a round of applause, truly deserved.

We were told of how Dinner at the Manor got it’s name and the Manor’s ghost. But I won’t spoil it for you, you’ll just have to book your place and hear it first hand.

My apologies for the lack of foodie pictures but because of the cosy lighting they came out rather dark and would not have done the food justice in posting them.  So I’ve given you the best I had.

This was a lovely evening, another one to remember and at £25 pp it was great value.  I wish everyone at Dinner at the Manor every success.

Dinner at the Manor


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