Sara @ St.John’s

Last night, the gent and I had the most wonderful evening and meal at Sara @ St. Johns in York.  Sara was one of the 2011 Masterchef finalists which was evident in the sublime food that we ate. At £39 pp, it was great value for money.

Sara's Kitchen

With instructions of where to park and to count ‘the 3rd door from the end’ we arrived @ St Johns. We were very warmly greeted by David & Sara and welcomed into their home. I was immediately envious of their new Aga kitchen and loved the way the tables were set out lengthways for all 12 guests.

2 guests had travelled all the way from Cambridge just for the evening and were staying over in York for a few days.

Amuse Bouche

Quayle egg on brown bread with Truffle Butter


Aubergine Parmigiana with Genoese Pesto, crusty bread and tomato and Taggiasche olive concasse’

Main Course

Saddle of Hare served with Crispy Thyme Scented Polenta, Parsnip Silk, Chestnut Puree and a Medley of Autumn Mushrooms


Mango Bavoir with a passion fruit glaze and coconut and white chocolate pannacotta and mango puree, black olive caramel

My picture takings skills will not do justice to the wonderful food we had. The Saddle of Hare was so tender, it cut through like butter. With a very nice, and not overpowering game flavour. A dish I would love to have again.

The dessert was to die for, where I fell in love with the Black Olive Caramel, which will one day find it’s way into or on top of, one of my cakes at an afternoon tea of mine.

With Tea or Coffee and Biscotti biscuits to finish off the evening, it was very sad to leave this wonderful supperclub of theirs, where we all arrived as strangers and left feeling as friends.

Sara, David and guest Jini

Sara is an extremely talented chef, and quite rightly so and with David as front of house, it’s the perfect combination. It’s certainly an evening I shall never forget, where I hope one day to return. We enjoyed the conversions of some wonderful guests, including my friend Jini, which all add to the supper club experience



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