The Little Book of Treats

Yesterday I went for my 3 yearly squishing and squashing of boobys check up. Ladies will know what I mean. A most uncomfortable affair, one where you take a deep breath and hope it’s all over pretty quickly.

Anyway, before I went, I sent the gent into town to find this book I’d heard about called ‘The Little Book of Treats’ by Macmillan Cancer Support.  It’s available at M&S Cafe’s and what a lovely little book it is.

Apparently there is the Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning on the last Friday of September. I keep meaning to hold one of these events, but promptly forget until the next one comes around and I then have no time to organise one.

There are lots of easy recipes in the book by keen bakers and celebrities. Such as Melanie C’s Brownies with Cherries and Gwyneth Paltrow’s Famous Pancakes. I decided to make Michael Mann of Tufnell Park London, Lemon Drizzle Cake.

The amount of mixture makes a 4 ins round cake and a 6 ins round cake. I added a few tables spoons of Limoncello into the syrup, simply because I love it. I’m not going to show you the recipe because I think at £3 it’s well worth buying. So I’ll show you my cake in pictures in the hope it will encourage you to buy it.


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