Sickly Sweet Buttercream Cake

I have lots of baking books, all of which I love. So this morning I picked up the Mary Berry ‘Ultimate Cake Book’ that I bought a while back and turned the pages until I came to a beautiful looking cake in the ‘Continental Cakes’ section called Doboz Torte.

But me being me, I wanted to adapt this recipe. I used soft brown sugar instead of caster sugar. With it having crushed caramel on the side of the cake, I wanted a more caramel taste inside the cake.

Then I looked at the Buttercream filling. The recipe called for a small amount of icing sugar  whipped with egg whites in a bowl over a pan of simmering water. I, on the other hand, wanted to go down the route of it being made from almost all butter and icing sugar. 80z Butter, 14 oz icing sugar, 40z melted chocolate beaten together. I decided to soften the taste a bit by adding 4oz full fat cream cheese.

I’m from the old school of baking, yet I more often make cream cheese frosting using more cream cheese than butter, still sweet, but less so. I’ve been told time and again to give egg white frosting a try. Yes I will one day. Perhaps  ‘Frosting’ should be a theme for Clandestine Cake Club, then we can all have a go at different ‘Frostings’ so we can all taste the difference between them.

Never the less, I finished my, now renamed ‘ Sickly Sweet Cake’ which also called for the making of caramel. I’ve never attempted this before and I can tell you 60z of caster sugar and 5 tablespoons of water take an age to turn to caramel. With advise from the Twitterati, I declined the call of nature and waited until the simmering sugar mixture started to turn golden.

I was warned not to take my eyes off the pan because it can suddenly blacken. I waited and waited, until gradually, yet suddenly the sugar mixture began to change. Then came the decision, how Golden do I let it get before I pour some over one of my sponge layers and the rest onto a baking sheet. Decisions, decisions. I went for it, and the result was lovely caramel,Next came the problem of crushing it when cooled. Let me tell you people, you need some goggles or better still put all the cooled caramel into a blender and let that do the work. A mortar and pestle just doesn’t cut it for me. Bits everywhere, on the floor and stuck to my shoes and even in my eyes, and I’m wearing glasses. Far too dangerous.

Worse was to come. I was determined to finish this cake because Mary Berry’s version looked so spectacular and I wanted to replicate the look at least.

So here is the finished version. Yes it may look nice, and appealing, but I have to tell you my version is the sickliest sweetest cake I have ever made, and it has put me off Buttercream for life. I had a slice for lunch, which immediately sent me into a sugar high resulting in me crashing out in a chair for an afternoon doze. With another slice for tea, and with The Gent refusing to have any more, I took the easy decision to through the rest away. I wasn’t prepared to use my stomach as a rubbish bin for the sake of waste, so down the waste sink it went.

Note to self. Next time I do a Mary Berry recipe stick to her instructions.


4 thoughts on “Sickly Sweet Buttercream Cake

  1. It sounds appalling. What on earth possessed you?!? ;o)

    I think your instincts are right when it comes to cream cheese frosting. The ratios Rose Carrarini uses are my favourite: 4/2/1 cream cheese/butter/icing sugar together with vanilla extract. Use cream cheese with the highest fat content you can find (or make your own).

    • Exactly Lester, but I felt as though I had to have a go. It’s a lesson well learnt. I shall check out Rose Carrarini and next time I shall follow the 4/2/1 ration as you suggest. In fact, it is now pencilled in my book as we speak.

  2. This is a Hungarian recipe that I have made mant times! The result (when u stick to the original recipe) is a delightfully light & certainly not sickly cake. Cream cheese doesnt come close to the smooth & delicate chocolate coating that this cake is filled with. And butter icing ?????? Why would u try a fancy sponge cake &stick common buttercream in?? Try the real recipe. You can’t gorge on it-it is rich..but sickly it aint 😉 Its always a massive hit!!

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