Afternoon Tea with Oolong and Darjeeling


Leaf Tea from Bean and Bud

Oolong and Darjeeling are two of my favourite Leaf Teas and so it seems is a favourite of my guests.

On Sunday, I had an Afternoon tea with 12 guests. Two of those guests were Ruth and Hayden from Bean and Bud in Harrogate. They very kindly brought with them some of their China Oolong and Darjeeling Leaf Tea. I’ve bought China Oolong from them before and it’s always been a favourite at my Afternoon Tea Events,  so it was a real treat that they kindly replenished my stock and brought some extra by way of the Darjeeling as well. Although there were other leaf teas on my menu, the only two teas people wanted to drink were the Darjeeling from Bean and Bud and the Oolong Orange Blossom from York Coffee Emporium

A few weeks ago my daughter bought me the  most lovely Cake Stand for my birthday which was perfect for my Lemon Cream Tarts.

With my new found knowledge about tea brewing,  I decide to put all this into action by brewing the leaf tea for 4 mins in large tea bags and removing these after the allotted brewing time. It turned out to be a success both for the flavour of the tea and the amount of brewing’s I got, two brews per tea bag. It maintained the correct flavour of the tea with out the tannin so often created when leaves are left in the pot. It also meant for a cleaner teapot without having to use tea strainers.

Layer Cake

Among the many lovely conversations I had with my guests one of them was of course, about Leaf Tea with Ruth and Hayden. My pallet for tea has improved immensely this week and I fear I am becoming a tea purist, so if I’m in your company and go off on a tangent about leaf tea, please feel free to bring me back down to earth with such words as ‘put the kettle on’

Another conversation I had was about Tea Rooms and Supperclubs with Shirley of Chez Shamwari a new up and coming Supperclub/Tea room in Saltaire.

I’m now racking up a very nice collection of Leaf Tea and it’s at The Secret Tea Room that they will always be served.

Many thanks to Bean and Bud for their lovely teas. And to all my  guests that day who were simply wonderful as my guests usually are.


3 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea with Oolong and Darjeeling

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  2. Sounds like another fab tea event you’ve hosted. Loose leaf tea is just so good and we find can be used several times – although it’s only green tea that we drink.

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