Charity shop find

This morning the Gent and I trundled off to Wetherby for a few hours, purposefully to look in Charity Shops. I do the looking, the Gent carries my bag of finds. I’d had my hair trimmed earlier this morning and wanted to show it off as it had a nice swish to it. Ladies with slightly long hair will know what I mean. Also, it was a nice morning so why not go for a ride out.

Wetherby has some very nice charity shops and most of the other High Street shops had a sale on, so it was a double whamy.

The Tea Pot  £2.99 (Made In China – no evidence of it being a Ming) was part of a set and I didn’t want it all so I just bought the teapot on it’s own. The milk jug £1.99  had no ‘Made in’ markings on but would be classed as a seconds in any High Street store because of all the blemishes on it, but I loved it and it had that real Vintage feel about it. The sugar bowl £1.99 is Royal Stafford Bone China, the three plates 99p in total were  Made in Japan and are Fine Porcelain China. The 4 dessert Forks are Chrome plated and were 10p each.

All in all a good find I think. However, the teapot needed a really good clean, so I soaked it in Sterident, not that I have false teeth you understand, but I’ve been told that it’s good for cleaning stained crockery. I used 3 tablets, the froth they created was sufficient enough to clean a battle ship. So I left the teapot to it’s fate and after a while it came out nice and clean. The spout had a built in filter which you can imagine would have harboured no end of grime, so I tried cleaning this with a cloth, without success.

But I then hit on the idea of rolling a piece of paper towel and ramming this down the inside of the spout to give it a good clean. Thinking I could then remove the paper intact, it became wet and it broke as I tried to pull it out again. Undeterred, I then proceeded to find a length of wire to poke down the Tea Pot nozzle to retrieve what was left of the now soaking paper towel. Twisting the wire to grab hold of the paper, I carefully began to pull the wire out. It got stuck. No matter how hard I tried, it wouldn’t budge. Fearing that the wire had now become un hook-able, I started to think about Sir Allen Sugar and the Apprentice and being sent into the board room to be told what a failure I was for trying to clean this teapot and how cost effective it hadn’t been and what a waste of time it all was.

This spurred me on, I wasn’t going to fail at this. I looked at the poor teapot and through no fault of it’s own it was jammed with paper and had a wire sticking out it’s spout. Thinking it would never be used again I carried on regardless and carefully and painstakingly I gradually removed the wire with small pieces of paper attached to it’s end. After what seemed like an eternity, I completed the task and felt very proud of myself to think I hadn’t given up.

On the plus side, I now have a very clean and shiny tea pot, ready for it’s debut at my next Afternoon Tea party, although I may give it a trial run before then, just to make sure it’s up to the job of pouring a decent cup of tea.


2 thoughts on “Charity shop find

  1. Hi Lynn looks like a great little find and well worth the effort to bring it back to it’s glory. I’ve used sterident tend to use Milton but will give that a go

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