Tea & Cake Journey – Day 1

9th July 2011

The first day of my Tea and Cake journey had arrived and I was on the 09:05 train destined for Ely in Cambs. I was meeting up with Miss Sue Flay of The Secluded Tea Party and by the time I arrived at Ely station, 11:30am, I was ready for a cup of tea and cake. We headed straight for Peacocks Tea Room and with the weather being nice, we sat outside and perused over the  menu. We had quite a choice of leaf Teas to choose from, some were familiar to me, such as the Orange Blossom Oolong Tea but I opted for what was called a Banongo (not sure of the spelling, didn’t write the name down) Afternoon Tea. I was told this was a Black Tea that can be drunk with milk or on it’s own. I chose to have mine with milk.

This came in a lovely tea pot with it’s own filter that lets to leaf brew without sitting and stewing in the water.

There was a lovely choice of Cakes too so I picked Zucchini chocolate cake. This came with it’s own little pot of double cream, which simply added to the decadence. I’d like to experiment with this Zucchini/chocolate combination it’s something I haven’t tried before.

Peacocks if the most lovely Tea Room worthy of another trip, this time I’ll take the Gent with me.

We had a wander around the Antique shops in Ely and a walk past the Cathedral and the park before moving on to a French Fancie Cake Class run by Cakes by Cat in Ely.

Cat was experimenting with covering some Sponge Fancies with fondant for her up and coming classes and Miss Sue Flay and I were asked to bring a home made sponge with us, to which we sliced in half, soaked in a vanilla sugar syrup and then filled with Jam & butter cream and sandwiched the two sponge halves together.

We put our cakes in the fridge to firm up a little before slicing into little 2 ins squares. Then after several attempts with fondant thickness’s we attempted to coat our sponge squares. This was easier said than done. We tried dipping the sponges into the liquid fondant, we tried spooning the liquid fondant over the sponge square and in the end we managed it.

Cat certainly managed to cover hers beautifully. But mine, well, rustic is the word I would use. But I was very pleased with the result and managed to get some of the cakes home safely on the train.

I’ll certainly have a go at doing some French Sponge Fancies at home and perhaps they’ll be on the Secret Tea Room menu sometime soon.

Day 2 of my journey, on 10th July, continues with a visit to Vintage Afternoon Teas over in Manchester. A secret location only known a few days before the event.  So my lips are sealed as to the exact location. We underground tea rooms have to keep our secrets.


4 thoughts on “Tea & Cake Journey – Day 1

  1. Lynn, It was great to catch up and relax after a busy tea party the evening before! I am so glad you enjoyed the french fancy decorating… I knew it would be just up your street, so I hope to see some even better ones at your table once we have all perfected the dipping method hehe! xxxx

  2. The Riverford Farm Cookbook has a really delicious recipe for zucchini and chocolate cake – my other favourite recipe from there is a beetroot brownie recipe that is amazing!

  3. Really enjoying this cake journey series. What fun to meet up with all the other secret tea roomers. I’ve made a number of different courgette & chocolate cakes. It’s a good combination.

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