Things I’m doing in July

July is well and truly upon us and if it interests you, this is what I’m doing.
2nd July I held my monthly Afternoon Tea at the Secret Tea Room and with a house full of lovely guests we had an extra visitor, a photographer from The Sunday Mirror. He came to take pictures of my guests and I for a Homes and Leisure section in their Sunday Paper. I don’t know how big a piece it will be, perhaps a small paragraph with others I think.

4th July
The family and I attended the Krispy Kreme pre opening Launch in Birstall. Two girls were already queuing outside for the proper opening the day after. Leon from the Apprentice was also there.  Personally I don’t watch The Apprentice, but you have to congratulate anyone for getting through to the program in the first place. They must have had to beat thousands of other contestants to get into the final 16 is it?
We bumped into Chris and Becs of Lay the Table   and whilst stuffing ourselves with donuts, talked incessantly about Blogging and food, rather difficult to be heard when there’s lots of  party noise going on in the back ground.
 Between the 4 of us (Me, Gent, Daughter & Son) we ate 17 donuts, I had 3 and my favourite was the Strawberry Kreme and in the style of Clandestine Cake Club, we got to take Donuts home. 

5th July
My kitchen was inspected. I did a little write up about this.
8th July *
I shall be baking a very plain square sponge cake with no flavour in it what so ever. This I will need to take to a baking class on Saturday 9th July in Ely Cambs. Where I will be adding flavours and coverings to create lovely little sponge delicacies to bring home.
9th July *
An early morning train will take me to Ely in Cambs for my baking class during which  I shall be meeting up with Miss Sue Flay of  The Secluded Tea Party  where later, we will be enjoying some Afternoon Tea at Peacocks Tea Rooms in Ely.
10th July *
The Gent and I are going to Vintage Afternoon Teas  in Manchester for a delightful afternoon Tea in Gwyn’s home.
13th July
Is my birthday 3 score years plus 1. You do that maths 😉 I also have a meeting in Leeds about Tea, Cake and Art.
15th July *
Is my Tea Master Class in London. I’m looking forward to learning a lot more about tea.
17th July *
Once again the Gent and I will be going out for afternoon tea, this time to The Secret Tea Cup in North Yorkshire
19th July.
I am on a train again, this time for a return trip to Edinburgh for an evening cake event called #Edinclancake 2, organised by Alison of Edinburgh Cake Ladies.
“Cakes in Edinburgh have no calories”, at least that’s what the Edinburgh Cake Ladies tell me. I love Edinburgh and will find any excuse to go back, especially if it involves cake.
My senior rail card has come in very handy and my single  ticket back from Edinburgh is costing only £7, so as a late birthday treat, I’ve upgraded to First Class costing only a few pounds more. Well I am travelling back on my own and it’s going to be a very long 4 hr journey,  and  I won’t arrive home until after 1am.
24th July
Is another Afternoon Tea at The Secret Tea Room. This time on a Sunday.
27th July
Finds me in Bradford for a 1 hour Wake up to PR  event organised by Approach PR
30th July
Clandestine Cake Club in Kirkstall with a theme Layer Cake. The only connection it has to the film is the title. Only ingredients bought over the counter are to be used in the cakes for this Theme.
31st July
Is a very important ‘Catch up meeting’ where cake will no doubt enter into the conversation. From this day onwards, life could take a very interesting turn.
So there it is for July. Dominated by Tea and Cake.
Somewhere in the middle of all that I shall try and spend time on my allotment.
*  part of my Tea and Cake Journey

4 thoughts on “Things I’m doing in July

  1. Wow! That is such a busy month,but it sounds like you’ve got lots of wonderful things planned.All that cake and tea. Yum! That’s my idea of a perfect month! Let’s hope that the weather on your day’s off stay kinfd so that you can enjoy your allotment. I love reading your blog. I’m in the early stages of starting up my own little cake making business. All very exciting but a bit scary at the same time!

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