Living the Dream continues

Over a year ago, at the start of the Secret Tea Room adventures, I registered my kitchen with the local health authorities. I had a very nice chat with the girl in the EH Dept and she told me it could be about 12 months before I would be inspected.  I’d already got my Level 2 certificate in Food Hygiene and public liability insurance so I just got on with things.

Fast forward 12 months to the day almost, and a phone call came to arrange the inspection. I was a little nervous, because if I didn’t pass the inspection then ‘Living the Dream’ would be at an end, and I would have to think of something else to do. Not that that seems to be a problem these days, my head seems full of ideas ATM, must be my age and the fact that I have all day to do what I want. I’m very lucky and I count my blessings every day and like to think I live my life to the full.

But getting back to the kitchen inspection. Nightmares began a few days before in the form of the Four in a Bed program where every corner of the house was inspected for dust and dirt and those funny curly hairs they keep finding in peoples baths. Let me put your mind at rest for a moment, that is not what the inspection is like at all, I must have eaten far too much cheese that night.

In fact the inspection was a nice friendly chat about how I handle food, where I store it, how often I have my Secret Tea Parties etc etc. All very painless. The young lady was very nice and friendly and she left giving me a ‘Very Good’ rating.

So my friend, today was a very important day for me, ‘Living the Dream’ continues. I’ve taken it upon myself to declare a National Cake Week. I’m waiting for some corporation to put a damper on this, although I did a Google search for anything similar or anything that classes with the same week.

I’m now trying to spin plates faster that Jeremy, James and Richard drive around the Top Gear track. But I have to tell you I’m loving it. I hope that whatever you’re doing, you love it too.


4 thoughts on “Living the Dream continues

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  2. Hi Lynn, I too had an inspection earlier this year and spent weeks preparing, but needn’t have worried, the inspector was very pleasant. Asked for my Food Safety NVQ level 2 certificate and asked about the my “processes”, what food I cooked etc and went away happy. They must see some pretty dire kitchens and businesses, so I was surprised they visited within two months of registering, given baking cakes can’t be a very risky enterprise compared with running a kebab shop.

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