The Spice Club – Manchester

If you ever have the pleasure of attending a Supper Club, it is important to enter into the whole mystique of the experience. Firstly the menu, often not known at the time of your booking and secondly the location.

Last night I had the pleasure of attending The Spice Club in Manchester for a 5 Course authentic Indian meal. I was travelling on my own to this event, over the Pennines from Leeds and wanted a general idea of the location. Monica let me into a little secret and gave me part of the location, which I took to be a motorway having the letter M in front of a couple of numbers. I replied back saying I couldn’t find such a motorway, to which the response was that it was part of the post code.  What a silly billy I am. I waited until the full address details arrived by text message and responded accordingly with a reply that I had received it.

This is the mystique I’m talking about. Not knowing quite where you’ll be going until the last moment and not knowing who you will meet. In fact, going on your own to a supper club is far better than going to any overground restaurant, there will always be someone to talk to and you will never feel isolated.

The Gent didn’t come with me to The Spice Club because of his dislike for Spicy food. However, it was his loss, because there was no over powering heat from the spices, just that wonderful flavour you get when spices are mixed  correctly with warmth and love passed down through generation’s of Monica’s family.

I received the warmest of welcomes from Monica, AJ and Anita and shortly after my arrival, the other guests also began to arrive. With our Welcome Drink of  Fresh Pineapple Juice, with crushed Ice and a hint of Mango, I soon began chatting to the other guests, one of which I had already met at a previous Supper Club  The Cooking Fairy

Gol Gappas

After an introduction to our meal by Monica, our appetiser of Gol Gappas was served. This was a delight, so light and refreshing, it certainly set the scene for the rest of the meal to come.

 The centre of the table was cleared and one by one the Entrees arrived Kashmiri Lamb Masala, Spicy Goan Murgh, Jeera Aloo, Paneer Keema,  Aloo Pyaaz Raita. All this was served with the most wonderful Basmati Rice and Chapatti’s.

Fresh Mango and Coconut Sorbet

Our dessert was perfect for the occasion. After a feast like this we needed something to cleanse the palate and this Fresh Mango and Coconut Sorbet did the trick. We were then given the option of Cardamom Chai  or Sweet Indian Coffee. I choose the Cardamom Chai because I love tea.

My thanks to Monica, AJ and Anita for such a wonderful evening, and also to the other guests at my table. Some I know I will meet again, others I know are thinking of setting up their own supper club and some I’m sure our paths will cross at other supper clubs.

If you want to book with The Spice Club check out their up coming events.

2 thoughts on “The Spice Club – Manchester

  1. I visited The Spice Club a while ago and also enjoyed the added excitement of not quite knowing where you’re going when you set off from home, although it was easy enough to find with a sat nav. Glad you enjoyed it, we’ll definitely go again. It is fun to chat and make friends with complete strangers, much more interesting than a night out at an overground restaurant. And particularly on a Saturday night where I live some of the restaurants, good though they are, can seem a little like food factories.

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