Do you leave comments on blogs?

I enjoy reading blogs. Mostly Foodie ones, but I do read others as well. All are very interesting. Some are to the point, Short and Sweet, some are War and Peace and some are just the right length, for me that is.

After reading a blog I’ll tab down to see what the comments are, sometimes there are lots, sometimes one or two, but some of the time there is nothing and I wonder, does anyone read these lovely blogs? I’m sure they do because they are such interesting writings. The writer is passionate with lots of opinions, pictures etc, etc, how could people not like them. I have to admit that I don’t always leave a comment myself. But I’m starting to think I should leave more. At least to let the writer know that I’ve enjoyed reading it.

I know that people read my blog, the stats tell me they do. And occasionally I’ll get some very nice comments, all of which are appreciated.

But, in general, why don’t we leave comments on Blogs? Is it because the post itself has said everything we needed to know, has it not invited us to comment. Is reading the post sufficient enough. In writing a comment are we exposing our selves in some way. Or is it just easier to respond via Twitter. Are you someone who leaves a comment on every blog post that you read?

So, the next time you read someone’s blog, why not leave a comment, just a few words will do. Nice ones of course.

Here is a little slice of Citrus Sunbeam Layer Cake as a thank you for reading this post.

And take two slices if you leave a comment.

And here is the recipe for my  Citrus Sunbeam Layer Cake


22 thoughts on “Do you leave comments on blogs?

  1. Hi Lynn, good point. I don’t always leave a comment and here’s why: (i) sometimes I don’t have anything interesting to add or say and (ii) once I upset a friend with my comment so I think I’m now a little overcautious.

  2. Thanks for the cake, it was delicious! Tis true, I mostly just read everyone else’s comments, and then send reply via Twitter if I want to tell them anything!

  3. Most of the time I leave comments on blogs, but if I left a comment on every blog post I read (and I read a lot–from foodie blogs to “sexy” blogs) I’d be on WP the whole day. So it’s easier to just click “LIke” if I like what they have to say.

    I could write an epic comment about that yummy Citrus Sunbeam Layer Cake and delve into my love for food, need to lose weight and other ruminations, but it might be more prudent to write a blog post about “Salacious Citrus Matters.”

    Anyway, comments are great because there’s a story in the collective thoughts of others. I’ve seen it happen in my own blog. Great things can come from comments. A reader inspired me to create the Crazy Chicks Club on my blog because of a comment she made. Anyway, I better stop now as my comment is nearing epic proportions. Nice post BTW 🙂

  4. Thoughtful post – it’s true as well, often I don’t leave comments even when the blog post has been excellent. Maybe this is because just saying ‘This is great’ can sound a bit nothingy – or maybe people worry too much about sounding insincere? Since I’ve done more jewellery blogging I am more prone to leaving and replying to comments as it is a community where that mutual support and appreciation is important. I’d like more people to comment, esp. as you say when you know there’s been lots of views, but it’s up to the individual. I’m going to start commenting more on non-jewellery blogs … like here! PS That cake looks wonderful, looking forward to Craft/Cake soon!

  5. This is the first time I’ve ever commented on a blog, often read blogs but just don’t feel the need to say any thing about what I’ve read, so as I said, this is a first, I should probably do it more often, I’ll try!

  6. I don’t often leave comments but that’s because “this was great” sounds so much like one of those annoying spammers who just wants clickthroughs to their own blogs. If there’s something relevant or important to say, though, then I’ll try to say it 🙂

  7. ooohh lovely cake! Interesting points, sometimes I just don’t have time and sometimes I feel I don’t have anything interesting to say. But I have decided recently that I should make more effort. I love it when i get a comment, it makes my day, so I’m going to try and share the love!

  8. I love your blog. Good baking inspires me far more than my day job or carat gold! It makes me feel like I did well in the share of genes my Nana passed on and that my boyfriend’s love is truly unconditional. X

  9. I read this entry as I walked my baby around the park to get him to sleep (the Babywhisperer would NOT approve!) – have popped back to comment as I couldnt then! It’s an interesting point. I hardly ever get comments on my blog either, but am not sure why exactly. I guess I write for myself, so it doesn’t bother me, but it would be nice to get some feedback.

  10. I’m afraid I don’t tend to comment as often as I would always like to mostly because I’m generally about a weeks backlog on my rss feed (as you can tell from the date of this) & so I’ll only comment if I feel that I have a real contribution to make and that the conversation hasn’t already moved on. Doing most of my blog reading on my phone doesn’t help as I find it awkward to comment from there.

  11. Hi, this is the first comments I’ve left – inspired by you. Thank you. I am loving your blog and have just cut the rainbow cake made for my Son’s 13th birthday today. I will try your sunbeam cake next!

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