I love Aprons

My collection of Aprons

I do like a nice apron. Although some seem to wrap themselves around my neck a bit and the bib sticks out at the front, but Hey Ho, if it has a pretty pattern and bright colours I don’t worry about it.

When I set up the Secret Tea Room I wanted some bright red aprons and bought some material and got out the sewing machine and beavered away until I created a couple.

Then came a few trips to  Fennel cookery school and I added 2 black aprons to my collection.

A chance entry into a blog competition resulted in me wining a Rachel Taylor Apron, so colourful it’s like a little ray of sunshine

Me cutting a slice of Kerstin Rodger's Rainbow Cake.

Then came a chance find ‘Sophie Allport’ in one of my favourite colour’s, blue. I wore this at Clandestine Cake Club when I went to help Kerstin set up the event yesterday.

I have a tiny little frilly white apron, that I’ve had for a few years. But I like the bib sort and would love to find the old Vintage type where the ties loop through the neck loop and tie around the waist, which I think eliminates the ‘baggy bib syndrome’ at the front.

Do people still wear aprons?

I love to wear mine when baking.

Note **** If you have a picture of you in your apron please email me it as I’d like to add it to this page. thesecrettearoom(at)hotmail(dot)co.uk

Lets start an Apron Gallery here along with Twitter names


8 thoughts on “I love Aprons

  1. I wear mine nearly all day everyday. I put it on in the mornings to do breakfast and have been known to forget to take it off to pick the kids up from school. I have loads. X

  2. My Grangma passed away last year – she ran the kitchen in the family restaurant for years before they sold it (so a fab cook) and was a trained seamstress. While we were organsing her estate, I found an apron she made. Its amazing the neck of a goose wraps around your neck and the eye is the button to attach the neck to the body of the apron. I often wonder who she made it for and why it was stuffed away in her sewing draw. No one wanted or saw the art in it – so its mine to remember her and her amazing talents

  3. I don’t have a photo but I have a short apron that is grey and yellow stripes with a floral pattern on top (lovely, really it is!) that my mum made when she was 16. I wear it now as I always find I throw cooking ingredients onto my jeans when baking, and also doubles as a towel for drying my hands. It’s lasted well since nineteen sixty *mumblemumble*

  4. I haved an adorable red apron with white hearts on it that I sewed that summer but haven’t worn it much! I always forget until I’ve gone and wiped chocolate cake batter or something on my jeans!

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