My Tea and Cake Journey

I love spontaneity and making sudden decisions. If my gut feeling tells me it’s the right thing to do then I’ll do it and even more so when someone like @eatlikeagirl (whose foodie travel in Argentina at the moment have been so interesting), said those immortal words ‘Just do it’, well to me that’s like a red rag to a bull.

Earlier this year I wanted to learn more about Tea and kept putting it off because other events prevented me from attending any Tea Masterclasses. So this morning I asked the question on Twitter if there were any Tea Plantations in the Uk and it turns out there is, in Tregothnan

Searching their website for any masterclasses resulted in a request to call them, so not letting the grass grow under my feet, I did. The result is, I am awaiting with eager breath, for an email to arrive with what I hope is a not too expensive Tea Masterclass in September. Which interestingly enough I have no other events, Secret Tea Room or otherwise, leaving me free to attend. Just remembered a friends Ruby Wedding Anniversary celebrations. Fate will have it being on the same day.

Anyhow, with a bit of luck my Tea and Cake journey may well commence in September. Starting with a tea Plantation in the UK. They have a Restaurant and Tea Bar I wonder if the Gent will want to join me on this one or mind  if I take this journey on my own.

In my head I’m already planning my route. So, lets do it.

If you have any Tea Room suggestions of where I should go (around the world if you like) please add your comments below, so I can start planning.

Note:  Since this morning when this post was written I have received the details about the Masterclass at Tregothnan and fate has dealt me a blow as I feared it would and I cannot go. However, undaunted as I am, I have now booked myself on a Jane Pettigrew Tea Master Class in London 15th July followed by a visit to The Secret Tea Cup a few days later for some home made Tea and Cake.

The journey begins.


6 thoughts on “My Tea and Cake Journey

  1. Let me recommend Laynes Espresso and Opposite Cafe in Leeds for some excellent teas. (I know, they’re coffee shops, but stick with me here).

    Laynes have a small selection of specialty teas and Dave and Carl go to great lengths with multiple extractions to draw out the subtle notes and flavours. If you’re lucky, they might have a cold-brew available (especially the Oolong); these are really good and show a totally different side to the good old cuppa.

    And you may occasionally see Ollie at Opposite (he’s the slim fella with the specs). Now he’s a proper tea geek and is more than happy to share his knowledge and point you in the right direction.

    So there you have it… the best tea in Leeds is available at the finest coffee shops!

  2. Hi there,

    I’ve been travellig the world for 6 months now (my time’s almost up) and have visited some incredible places, Sri Lanka and India being two of them. We visited tea plantations in Nuara Eliya, Sri Lanka and I’d highly recommend doing the same. Our budget only srtched to a plantation and factory tour, but I know you can stay in some excellent boutique hotels and bungalows within plantations and I can only imagine that they make the tea taste even better. In India, there is of course Darjeeling – climatically cool, green and lush and full of colonial history. That said, when you say you’re willing travel, I’m not sure whether you mean within the UK or further afield!

    Keep up the excellent work!

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