Birthday Celebrations, Children and Gluten Free

Yesterday I held one of my monthly Afternoon Secret Tea Parties. The Gent had gone out for the afternoon on a guided wild flower tour of some local pastures.

I had a couple of families coming with their young children who were a delight and no trouble at all. They brought their own high chairs and it was nice to have little ones in the house for a change.

One guest was Gluten Free. I’ve never baked using GF flour, but I have to tell you it gives rather a nice crumbly consistency when I made some Banana, Honey and Polenta Muffins. Granted they didn’t rise very well, but the flavour was there. I used a GF Flour with some Gluten Free BP and bicarb of Soda. With the Polenta and Honey it made them moist. I managed to find some GF bread (didn’t dare try to make my own) for the sandwiches and the guest in question said they were nice because I had some moist fillings. Egg Mayo, Ham & Chutney, Houmous and Brie and Grape.

I wanted to make a cake that all my guests would like so I made Nigella’s Venetian Cake, GF and Dairy Free from her book Kitchen, but I didn’t have any Rum to soak the fruit in so I used fresh orange juice instead.

We had a double celebration as well. First it is a year this month (June) that I started The Secret Tea Room and secondly one of my guests was celebrating her birthday as well. As is always the case, I forget to take pictures, but the only evidence of any celebrations is the picture the two empty BYO bottles of Champagne.

I have 2 events in July, one of which is on a Sunday followed by one more event in August. Not too sure what I’m going to do after that. The length of my waiting list suggests I keep going.


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