Krispy Kreme

Everyone seems to be talking about Krispy Kreme at the moment, I am no exception. They sent me a couple of boxes on Friday to try, just as I was in the middle of prepping for an Afternoon Tea Party the following day. The last time I tried one of these was in Manchester a few years ago and it was a little bit dry. But these were nice and fresh. A little sweet even for my sweet tooth, but they had a nice light bite to them.

The Gent and son got stuck in straight away, by the end of the day 7 had already disappeared down their ‘hollow legs’. And the following morning they were having them for Breakfast. The Gent says it’s the equivalent of having a croissant in the morning. I reserve judgement on that I think.

I like the pictures under the boxes, of a vintage Crispy Kreme delivery van and one of their bakers.

The new Hotlight store opens its doors at Centre 27 Business Park on the outskirts of Leeds on Tuesday 5th July 2011.

Personally, I’m very much into Home baking, but there are a lot of Krispy Kreme fans out there, who I’m sure are looking forward to the latest opening near Leeds.


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