Embracing Social Media

ATM I’m sat here typing up this post with my Apron on enjoying a cup of Tea and a Banana & Honey Polenta bun after having just made 2 Earl Grey Tea Loaves. I’m also keeping an eye on my oven because I have a Light Fruit cake baking at a low temperature and needs to be turned down shortly to be baked for a further 2 hours or so. I’m testing this recipe because a baking company and tv program on twitter were looking for Foodie bloggers. I’m also listening to a very distressing radio program about an equally distressing TV program that was on last night.

I embraced Technology years ago and even more so with Social Media since I opened up The Secret Tea Room and Clandestine Cake Club. Without it, I would be sat alone at my Tea Parties and be the only Baker at my CCC events.

Social media can open up a whole new world for everyone. I often get the odd comment about my age and my easy use of the PC, smart phone, websites, Blogs etc etc, always meant as a complement I’m sure. But why shouldn’t we ‘ladies of a certain age’ be able to get to grips with this way of life, which needs to be embraced or we may miss out on some extraordinary things that are going on around us, often not known about anywhere else.

Since my retirement from work 4 years ago, I have found myself wondering how on earth I found time to go out to work. My original plan was to work on my garden, allotment and some family history. But today, I find myself with an Underground Tea Room and a Clandestine Cake Club and all the exciting adventures that go with it.

I am meeting some fantastic people from all walks of life and with all sorts of interests. I’m often travelling between my home town of Leeds, going to Edinburgh then London and back again. None of this would be possible if I didn’t have an enquiring mind and this insatiable ‘can do’ ability. Which I have to credit my father for that.

The beauty of it all, as I see it, is, that it’s a parallel universe that runs side by side with us. And with the flick of a switch or the press of the delete button, it can all be closed down. But who wants to close down this exciting world, not me.

So switch on the PC, join Twitter, FaceBook and all the rest. And see what happens. You never know you may just wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.


4 thoughts on “Embracing Social Media

  1. Many friends who are up to 20 years younger than I am, comment about the ease I have grasped all this new technology and appear amazed that I can do things that they can’t. Maybe its because I love it all, as you do and realise that it opens up the world from my own living room. Bring it on…..

  2. I too wonder how I ever had time to work. I had to stop work a few years ago due to RSI. Now I run a Brownie pack, am a trainer within Guiding, volunteer in school 4 mornings a week (only for an hour), ended up on Yeadon Carnival Committee & have just accepted the role of District Commissioner for the local Guiding units.
    If anyone would like a stall at Yeadon carnival it’s only £10 (£5 if it’s for a charity) & is on Saturday 2nd July from midday until 4pm. It’s a great day out, loads of entertainment, stalls and rides. There was a distinct lack of home baked and home crafted stalls last year although the amazing knitters who support the Air Ambulance are hard to beat.
    Contact me stephaniearmitage@yahoo.com for more details.

  3. I am always astounded at how busy you are! Your tea rooms are fully booked for ages!

    I guess when I look at how much you know about social media and how you’ve really embraced it, compared to my mum who doesn’t even know what twitter does! I think a lot of people are just not bothered about these things, they don’t see the need or have the inclination to want to learn how to use Twitter or Facebook.

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