Ne’re cast a clout ’till May be out.

This morning, I managed to find time to go down to the plot. A few weeks ago, thinking we were in for an early summer, we planted some climbing French Beans, only to find the following week they were all killed off by a frost. I was ready to give up the plot there and then.

The remainder of the Climbing Beans, Sweet Corn and Runner Beans were left in their pots by the green house in the hope they would continue to grow away from any frost. Fast forward to today, and the guilt is setting in because my Runner Beans  and Sweet Corn were becoming pot bound. With the saying Ne’er cast a clout ’till May be out ringing in my ears, I decided to get down to the plot first thing this morning and get some of them planted.

To my surprise I found the ground very dry. With all the Monsoon rain we’ve had of late I half expected the soil to be muddy and unworkable. But only the top half inch of soil was wet and underneath it was as dry as a bone.

Undeterred, I planted my Runner Beans, Sweet Corn and some Sunflowers and protected the Beans with some old sheets of glass. I don’t want to tempt fate by saying we need more rain, but, we need more rain. Between 1am and 4am a few times a week would be fine, followed by sunshine throughout the day.

Weeds seem to grow in abundance in all weathers, even when very dry. On the positive side, the slugs seem to dislike dry soil. Not good for their skin, shame.

Never mind, we’ll be more organised next time. ( We say that every year)


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