Book review Prepped ! – Vanessa Kimbell

A little while ago I did a recipe test for Vanessa Kimbell for Chocolate Biscotti Biscuits They were delicious. I even have a batch in the freezer ready for a second bake.

Being unable to attend Vanessa’s Book launch in June, I was kindly sent a copy of ‘Prepped’ as a thank you gift. Apart from the mouth watering recipes with equally delicious looking pictures, I love the fact that each recipe has, what Vanessa calls ‘Links’ to other recipes and suggestions for alternative ingredients.

There is a feature on Lavender, which I love both as a plant and as a fragrance – It’s an acquired taste for me when it comes to adding it in food. This section has several recipes that include Lavender, such as Lavender Sugar, Lavender Lemonade, Lavender Chicken, Lavender Salmon etc. Perhaps worthy of me giving Lavender another try in food.

With recipes from Salad Dressing to Lemon and Chilli Oysters, Breads and Cakes to Jams. Plenty to keep anyone ‘Prepped’.


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