Adapting a recipe

I’m sure we all adapt recipes that we find, wanting to put our ‘Twist’ ( a word I dislike for some unknown reason) on it.

I’m looking for a recipe that’s Gluten Free because I have a guest coming soon, who can only eat Gluten Free.  Shuna’s Cornbread recipe in Kerstin Rodgers new ‘Supper Club’ book page 253 helped me out. I simply used Pollenta as the suggested option to Cornmeal, reduced the salt to 1/4 teaspoon and added Honey and a Banana to the batter when mixed.

They went in the oven for 10 mins and came out light, a little grainy from the pollenta but I like that sort of texture, and I think I need to add more Honey next time. I only put in 2 tables spoons, 3 would have been better. But for a first attempt, I think it’s pretty good.

Tomorrow will tell if these need to be made and eaten on the day, but, making them on the day of the Tea party should be no problem. This recipe could well be adapted into a savoury Muffin by adding Nuts and Seeds. And as kerstin suggested to me the other day, drizzle with some Maple Syrup.

I wonder if this could be turned into a cake recipe for Clandestine Cake Club.

I’ve just noticed that Kerstin’s recipe says to use plain flour, I understand Doves do some very good GF Flour so that can be a substitute.

Notes from the following day: Since making the Muffins. They will keep well in an air tight tin but if left out they will become dry and the Banana becomes dark in colour. Next time I will mash the Banana then add to the batter. They still taste nice though.


4 thoughts on “Adapting a recipe

  1. All of our cakes are gluten free (two out of three Forge 2 partners are gluten intolerant) and we bake all of our cakes with Dove’s gluten free flour. All recipes work perfectly well!

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