Kerstin Rodger’s Underground University

I never went to collage let alone a University. I may have visited a Bar in Leeds Uni back in the 70’s but that’s as far as it goes.

Kerstin Rodgers asked me to speak at her ‘Underground University – How to Run a Supperclub’ this weekend and talk about how I run the Secret Tea Room.

There were 16 delegates all eager and passionate about wanting to start a Supperclub and I was eager to help them with that.

James Ramsden of The Secret Larder was there to give his insight into how he runs his Supperclub

Andre Dang a PR guru was on hand to give his expertees of the PR world.

Linda Williams a business advisor gave good sound advise regarding our friend the Inland Revenue and Book keeping.

And of course Kerstin, who gave all the delegates a sort of mini workshop after Lunch as she asked each delegate what sort of Supperclub/Tea Room they were hoping to have. Linda, Kerstin and Andre chipped in with their expert advise, with Andre coming up with some great suggestions for supperclub names. So good in fact that I won’t mention them here for fear of Domain name uptake before the host has a chance to do so.

We had the most delicious meal made from Recipes from Kerstin’s new ‘Supper Club’ Book. Brokeback Beans, Salsa and Salad and a really nice fish called Mahi Mahi -not quite Flipper but a Dolphin Fish. Also a lovely Ricotta and Gooseberry Souffle and an assortment of Cheeses.

At the end of the day, I hope we fired up even more, the enthusiasm of the prospective Supperclub hosts. If you were there, do keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on.

Kerstin was a great hostess and offered to put me up overnight to save me the late train journey back to Leeds. I can tell you it’s very therapeutic sitting by a warm Aga where Kerstin and I chatted for several hours putting the word to rights.


3 thoughts on “Kerstin Rodger’s Underground University

  1. Sounds lovely, what was the mahi-mahi like? I need to try some different fish – more sustainable. We have always looked out for gurnards since watching Hugh but havent seen any in the shops yet. I do have trouble remembering who is sustainable and who isn’t!

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