Edinburgh and Cake Clubs

The Gent and I went to Edinburgh on the train this week. We were going to Clandestine Cake Club and decided to stay overnight.

The route to Edinburgh has some stunning coastline scenery, as you venture further North.

My senior rail card has come in really handy this year what with all the train journey’s I’ve been making to Edinburgh and London. I’m going to London again this Saturday  for How to Run a supperclub I’ll be talking about how I run The Secret Tea Room.

I nearly lost both my rail card and our tickets when the Gent said the Ticket collector was coming and I simply handed them over only to find it was someone collecting the rubbish. A search inside the rubbish bag quickly started and all tickets were retrieved with a psy of relief.

I had my Apple and Cinnamon Cake with me for CCC  and it survived the journey.

Our Hotel was very comfortable, if a little noisy from the Street, after all this was a City Centre Hotel and with the police sirens going from time to time it made me feel as though I was in New York.

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The following day we decided to do a little shopping but more importantly we walked through the Princes Park in the Centre of Edinburgh before catching our train back to Leeds. Edinburgh is a lovely place and has some of the best Homespun Harmony bakers around.

Train lag is just as bad as Jet lag. I just thought you might like to know that.


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