Buxton, Bakewell and my latest Charity find

The Gent and I recently spent a couple of days in Buxton at a very nice comfortable Hotel. There were some lovely Charity shops and my recent find was a preserve jar that I could use for my Afternoon Teas. The picture makes it seem large but it’s no more than 5 ins high. The lid has an opening to allow for the preserving spoon to peep through. I already have a similar jar which I love and this will make it a pair.

 In Bakewell, we called in at a ‘Tea Shop’ for a cup of tea and an Apple and Almond Tart.  The Tart was delicious but I was rather disappointed to find ‘Squirty Cream’ being served along with it. Why go to all the trouble of baking a lovely tart only to add a less than good quality cream.

Bakewell is the most picturesque village with a lovely walk by the river and public gardens to sit in. It’s only a couple of hours from where we live and well worth a day trip next time. And with Buxton being a few miles from Bakewell both are worth another visit.

You may wonder why the lack of pictures, yes we took plenty. The stone houses, the river, the public gardens and the tea shops, we took them all. But when transferring the pictures over to the pc I inadvertently clicked on the delete button instead, so all is now lost. Please reasure me that I’m not the only one that’s done such a silly thing. This leaves us with an excuse to pay Buxton and Bakewell a return visit.


2 thoughts on “Buxton, Bakewell and my latest Charity find

  1. interesting article that really annoys me being served with squirty cream on delicious home made produce.I. live in North Staffordshire only 12 miles from Buxton so know the area wellFound this link via Sara’s twitter page.Sorry about the photos but a good excuse to return

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