Bakelady meets Jenni Murray on Woman’s Hour

Friday 13th 2011 is a day I shall bore anyone to death with if they ask me what it was like appearing on Woman’s’ Hour with Jenni Murray.

A few weeks ago I received one of those emails many people want to receive. It came from an assistant producer of the program. Within hours I was chatting to them and before I knew it, arrangements were being made for me to be on the program to talk about ‘Supper Clubs‘. They hinted at there being another guest on the show and I was very delighted to hear that Kerstin Rodgers was travelling oop North from London to be on the show as well.

I was asked to bring a cake along and decided to adapt my Muffin Recipe.  Apple and Cinnamon Cake with Cream Cheese frosting  I arrived  quite early and waited in reception and began chatting to a young girl who told me she was here for a job interview. She’d never heard of Supper Clubs, so I spent a few moments explaining what they were all about. I wished her Good Luck as she was suddenly called away.

The next lady to arrive was Julie, also being featured on Woman’s Hour that morning, this time it was about Boarding and Boarding schools. A very interesting discussion if you listen to it. Although as soon as Kerstin arrived from her train up from London, there began some rather interesting banter between the two ladies about the very subject of Boarding before we got into the studio. Round one I think.

All too soon we were gathered into the green room. Why do they call it the green room. Perhaps someone can tell me the origin of such a room. This one was blue.

We were last up and I’m glad really because it gave me time to calm the nerves a bit.  The conversation in the studio with Jenni and Kerstin was relaxed and at times funny with references to ‘Nutters and Knickers. You need to listen to the program (29 mins in) to know what that was about. After the broadcast and with it being the end of the program, Kerstin and I got the chance to continue chating to Jenni after the show.  Jenni, very politely ate a slice of my cake along with a dollop of my Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting. Not a crumb was left.

It was true what they say, it will all be over in a few minutes and it was. I shall never listen to Woman’s Hour in quite the same way as I used to. With every sound and voice I hear I shall recall my seat and the large table we sat around and wonder who else sat there.  The microphones, the studio windows with the producers and assistants behind them working so hard to create a wonderful set of programs.

Yes, I shall bore my family and friends about this day for as long as I can and as long as they are prepared to listen. However, not all my friends know about what I do, least of all the neighbours.

I shall be one of the guest speakers at How to Run a Supper Club  If you are really serious about doing one then come along. You will have a superb meal cooked by Kerstin. Meet like minded people and get to know how I and Kerstin run our ‘Underground Restaurant’ and ‘Secret Tea Room’.

And in the words of Kerstin’s response when I asked her two years ago about how I go about running a Supper Club …….. ‘Just do it’



7 thoughts on “Bakelady meets Jenni Murray on Woman’s Hour

  1. I listened to the programme and jolly good it was too. I can’t wait to either take my wife along to one or treat my wife and daughter (she is a Leeds University student who is currently studying in Germany after studying for a year in Moscow last year) and is, like me a cake freak. My best wishes go out to you for all of your future ventures.

  2. The origin of “the green room” as a waiting area goes back far farther than radio and television. In medieval times strolling players would perform on village greens and prepare in rooms in nearby homes or inns, where a “green room” was provided. Even as late as the mid-20th century, actor “laddies” would sometimes refer to the stage as “the green”.

  3. Hi Lynn
    Just wanted to say a a great feature & thankyou to both you and Kerstin for inspiring me to get on with it….I have booked my first event at The Secret Teacup in July so I if its okay I may email you for some advice & help to calm my nerves…
    Thanks again Lynn Rachelle x

    • Hi Rachelle
      Nerves are a good thing to have, if you didn’t have them I would say there is something wrong. Have you bought Kerstin’s book ‘Supper Club’. Reading it will help you understand just what goes on and it will give you an insight to these sort of events. Think of all your guests as friends that you have invited to a Tea party. But of course you are the Host so make sure there is plenty of Tea and Cakes to enjoy.

  4. You and Kirstin came across brilliantly – I caught it as part of weekend Woman’s Hour. And you’re right, the best piece of advice is to just do it!
    Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday for Edinclancake.
    Safe journey.
    Lucy x

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