BBC visits the Secret Tea Room

Every once in a while I receive emails that really excite me. In recent weeks I’ve had several that have caused me to almost hyperventilate. These are the ones I can tell you about. Others will have to wait for another time.

 Danie, a freelance journalist, emailed me a while back asking to come along to one of my Secret Tea Room events. She wanted to chat to me and my guests about The Secret Tea Room and the Underground Supperclub movement that is so popular in London, but is gradually and slowly moving it’s way North

Before my guests arrived I chatted to Danie and spoke into a microphone for about 10 mins answering a flurry of interesting questions. With that over, the guests began to arrive and the kettle was on.
One special guest was Kerstin Rodgers (MsMarmitelover) who was visiting Leeds at the invitation of Emma Bearman of The Culture Vulture for a Brunch event at Armley Mills called ‘The not so gentle Art of Plate spinning’.

Kerstin arrived with some goodies for me that she’d made, such as Strawberry and Champagne Jam which was delicious in its fruitiness and Champagne flavour and some of Kerstin’s homemade ‘Mauvaise Maman Salsa Asado’ which we had for dinner the next day. Her Mauvaise Maman Gooseberry and Gin Jam’ will be enjoyed in the coming days.

Due to a slight mishap getting to the Station I can only imagine the delights of her ‘Mauvaise Maman’ Home Fermented Wine Vinegar’.

Kerstin was also in Leeds to promote her new Book ‘Supper Club’ and was very happy to sign a guest’s copy and mine too.

It’s always nice to see new guests at The Secret Tea Room and with two rooms and two tables there’s always a chance to mingle or sit and relax on a comfy sofa if needed.

So listen to BBC Radio Leeds Breakfast Live on Tuesday Morning 10th May now  Now to be shown on Wednesday Morning 11th May around 7am and you will hear the clinking of Cups and slurping of tea and lots of chatter from my guests.

As a result of another exciting email I received only a few days ago, from the very nice people at Radio 4,  you can hear Kerstin and I talking to the  lovely Jenni Murray on Woman’s Hour  on Friday 13th May – no I’m not superstitious, at around 10am live from Manchester.

That, for now, is all I can tell you about. The rest is being kept close to my chest, after all this is the SECRET Tea Room.

Note: I have a full recording that you can now listen to on the main page. Just click on the Cake image.


6 thoughts on “BBC visits the Secret Tea Room

  1. Wooooo-oooo! Well done. Will have to tune in.
    Finally made madeleines couple of weeks ago btw – gluten free ones, but so busy no photo. Making normal ones either this week or next though – finally.

  2. Ooh very exciting. Love Woman’s Hour – apart from when they do one of their ultra depressing shows where everything is horrific but they only happen once every few weeks! They had one last week so we’re safe for a while!

  3. Congratulation Lynn it’s well deserved with all the hard work you’ve put into the tea rooms and cake club. I think I’m due another visit soon 🙂

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