SupperClub at the Cooking Fairy

A search on Google maps couldn’t help us find the location of Charlotte’s supperclub The Cooking Fairy and according to some of the guests, neither could the Satnav. But that all added to the adventure of searching for the location of supperclubs. As we travelled down the narrow country lane, it was with great relief we came across a very familiar face driving in the opposite direction.

With an about turn we drove a few more yards and asked for directions from a girl riding her horse, luckily for us she was there, and we had arrived at the secret location.

Our host Charlotte greeted us with introductions to the other guests, offer of drinks and soon we all began getting to know each other. The guests were from all walks of life with very interesting stories to tell. Sales, social services, fitness, leather specialist, including a TV script writer- who I’m sure will have banked a few stories for future scripts.

My starter from the ‘Best of British’ menu was Yorkshire Soufflé

Followed by Whitby Fish Pie and Asparagus that Charlotte locally  picked herself

With Summer Fruit Pudding and Stainburn Honey Ice Cream to follow, this was a really delicious menu. The Honey drizzled over the strawberries were from a local farm. I was determined to eat it all and managed in the end.

It was an evening that you didn’t want to end, with really interesting guests and their amazing  stories. And a lovely house with a view to die for.

And as for Charlotte, the perfect hostess, a credit to the Underground Supperclub world.


2 thoughts on “SupperClub at the Cooking Fairy

  1. Absolutley delighted that you enjoyed it. It was such a fun evening. I addore everything- from putting together the menu, to being in the kitchen and actually hosting the event. There was such an interesting, eclectic bunch of people at the supper club and I couldn’t agree more that it made for fantastic conversation! Thanks again for coming…… Look forward to seeing you all soon! 🙂 Cooking Fairy

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