Cake Clubs – I’m on a mission to create them.

Picture by Mike Wallis

My mission at the moment is to get everyone baking Cakes. Not Cupcakes, Muffins or Cookies but an old fashioned Round or Square Cake. And for people to create their own Cake Club around the UK and even the World. To form the Cake Club List

Picture by Chris Kemm

Pretty ambitious you’d say, well why not is what I say. Think of an idea that doesn’t take up too much time in the planning or very little money and if it brings people together, then in my book you have a winning combination. A Cake Club.

My Club, the Clandestine Cake Club, ticks all the above boxes and more. It now has a regular following of people and a community of registered members that is growing day by day, who are prepared to put their creative thinking caps on and get baking, using ingredient combinations that amaze us all. Some are even creating their own Cake Clubs and venues.

If we can hold an event in Coffee Houses like Fredericks in Edinburgh in May , or Primo’s in Leeds in March where we can support them by buying their refreshments to have with our cakes. This is a win, win situation. Other places like Harvey Nichols in Leeds have been very generous in offering to host an event in April. Office space is also suitable like our event in Armley in May.

The bonus is the people you meet, the cakes they bake, the recipes they pass on. The chatter, the friendships, I could go on.

Picture by Chris Kemm

People bake their cake, bring it along to a chosen venue. They even get the chance to bring a guest with them. They meet other Cake bakers and their guests, the conversation revolves around baking. It’s that simple.

There is no pressure, no competition. We don’t judge who is the best, they are all the best. People become creative with their recipes, and at the end of the ‘Cakey Gathering’ we get to take home lots of cake too. Where else can you go for a slice of cake that you will never buy in the shops and all homemade too. So why not join us, create your Cake Club.

Clandestine Cake Club

It’s all about Cake.


4 thoughts on “Cake Clubs – I’m on a mission to create them.

  1. Having attended the February clandestine cake club meeting, I’m really looking forward to the one at Frederick’s in Edinburgh. Meeting new people over tea and cake is very civilised, and people are so supportive of each other’s baking efforts, that it’s impossible not to have a good time! Here’s looking forward to EdinClanCake next month!

  2. HOORAY!

    Someone else who speaks my language! Cake.

    I am opening a tea room in South Wales this year and blogging about the story as I go. I love your blog and will be signing up to get a Cardiff Cake Club going!

    All the best


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